Professional Support

Several commercial companies and private contractors offer professional VuFind support:

  • - Offers web hosting for libraries that do not have the resources to do it themselves. The service has supported allegro-C for several years and now also offers VuFind services as a "web 2.0" option.
  • Andornot Consulting - offers VuFind, DB/TextWorks and other systems to libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions.
  • CINECA - Consorzio Interuniversitario - has supported VuFind since 2010, offering consulting, hosting and maintenance.
  • Booksite / POCA - POCA is a turnkey U. S. public library centered branch of VuFind that accommodates the sharing of expense for implementation, customization, and operation of VuFind. Booksite continually adds customized applications to POCA, contributes to the VuFind developer community, and rebases to the most current VuFind master version.
  • EvolvePlus Pty Ltd - in addition to developing their own ILS, this company assists Australian libraries with VuFind implementation and support.
  • iZi Software - provides VuFind services in Malaysia / South East Asia.
  • Open Geek Service - provides VuFind services in Latin America.
  • Orex - offers hosted VuFind service in Spain; customers in other countries should inquire about availability of services.
  • PTFS Europe - provides full implementation services, including installation, configuration, data conversion, software development and training through to ongoing hosting and customer support for several products, including VuFind.
  • Scanbit - this Spanish company has years of experience in library automation, having developed the AMICUS international ILS. It has assisted several libraries with VuFind implementation, support and integration with other library software.
  • Trimagic - seller of the Trimagic Discovery Server, a commercially supported VuFind installation that can be hosted in the cloud or provided as a network appliance. The TDS may be used with or without Trimagic's other library software offerings.
  • Xercode - Spanish company specializing in innovative solutions and projects for library automation, offering a complete service implementation based on systems such as Koha ILS, Xebook and VuFind.

If you offer VuFind services and would like your company's name on this page, please let us know.

Community Support

Free online VuFind support is available through multiple channels:

  • VuFind General - A mailing list for all general issues and support questions.
  • VuFind Tech - A mailing list for all code related issues (patches, etc.).
  • VuFind Admins - A mailing list for discussing management of the VuFind project.
  • VuFind Unicorn Users - A mailing list for SirsiDynix Unicorn users who are using VuFind.
  • VuFind on IRC - For real-time discussion of VuFind, try joining the vufind channel at freenode.

Issue Tracking

JIRA Issue Tracker
You can search through the issue archive to see if the problem you may be experiencing has been fixed or not. You can also place bug reports, feature enhancement requests and patches. Issue Tracker is managed with the Atlassian JIRA software.


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Falvey Memorial Library

VuFind is developed and maintained by Villanova University's Falvey Memorial Library.


VuFind 2.2 Released
January 27, 2014 -

Version 2.2 of the VuFind Open Source discovery software has just been released. This new release adds several new features as well as further improving the stability and flexibility of the software.

Some key additions: new themes using the Bootstrap framework to add responsive design features; expanded faceting functionality, which allows users to filter data in more complex ways; incorporation of microdata to improve search engine optimization; a tag management module for administrators; and improved authentication options, including CAS support and the ability to allow users to choose from multiple authentication systems.

Additionally, several bug fixes and minor improvements have been incorporated.

The new release may be downloaded at .

VuFInd 2.1 Released
August 23, 2013 -

Version 2.1 of the VuFind Open Source discovery software has just been released. This enhanced release adds several significant new features to the VuFind 2.0 package released earlier in the year.

Some key additions: flexible and configurable support for combining search results from multiple sources, inspired by Villanova University's multi-column Catalog/Summon search; a new module for indexing websites; and integration with new software and services, including Booksite enhanced content, the Polaris ILS, and the Pazpar2 open source metasearch tool.

Additionally, several bug fixes and minor improvements have been incorporated.

The new release can be downloaded at .

VuFind 2.0 Released
June 21, 2013 -

Version 2.0 of the VuFind Open Source discovery software has just been released. This stable release, more than two years in the making, marks the production-readiness of the redesigned software.

In addition to the improved architecture and functionality demonstrated by earlier preview releases of 2.0, this version includes a few significant new features: the underlying Solr index has been upgraded to version 4.2.1, which offers many new features and greatly improved memory management; Google Analytics support is now available through a simple configuration setting; support for new RDA cataloging has been improved; and language auto-detection is now available for international users. Additionally, several bug fixes and minor improvements have been incorporated.

The new release can be downloaded at .