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Improvements to handling of previous and subsequent titles on record page (MARC 7xx)



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    • Fix Version/s: 1.4, 2.0RC1
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      This patch builds on the work done in VUFIND-389 to make the method more flexible. The primary changes:

      1) The method now longer relies on w (identifier) data being present in the record field to create record links. Instead, the user sets a list of datatypes which can be used to construct links in config.ini. The method looks at the data present and tries to find matching data, if the data is not present, it moves on to the next type etc. In case of no identifier information being present, a title search can be constructed from the title field. The datatypes handled are oclc,dlc,isbn,issn,title and id (i.e. native bib record). This will hopefull make the feture more widely usable than previously was the case.

      2) The method can handle use of the MARC visibility indicator. If administrators wish to respect this convention, the method will not display any next/previous records where visibility is set to off.

      3) In terms of presentation, all related links are shown in one box on the record page, rather than each related record constituting a new row.

      4) The method selectively overrides the method to show the title_old / title_new fields from the Solr Index. This prevents duplication of data.

      I had some problems when I tried adding the config file to the patch, so Demian, can you please include the following lines in the commit? Edit where necessary of course.

      ; You can enable this setting to show links to related MARC records using certain
      ; 7XX fields. Just enter a comma-separated list of the MARC fields that you wish
      ; to make use of. In the marc_links_link_types enter the fields you want the module
      ; to use to construct the links. The module will run through the link types in order
      ; until it finds one that matches. If you don't have id numbers in the fields, you can also
      ; use title to construct a title based search. id represents a raw bib id.
      ; e.g id,oclc,dlc,isbn,issn,title
      ; mark use_visibility_indicator as true if you want to hide links that are marked as
      ; "Do not show" in the marc record. False will show links for all of the fields specified
      ; in the mark_links list that are present for the record.
      ; number or an OCLC number prefixed by (OCoLC). Do not enable this option if your
      ; data is unable to support it! Also note that turning on the 780 and 785 fields
      ; may result in redundant information in the display, since the Solr title_old and
      ; title_new fields are likely to contain the same information.
      marc_links = "760,765,770,772,774,773,775,777,780,785"
      marc_links_use_visibility_indicator = false
      marc_links_link_types = oclc,issn,title


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