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 +====== VuFind 2.1 Press Release ======
 +VuFind 2.1 Released
 +Villanova, Pennsylvania - August 26, 2013 - Version 2.1 of the VuFind Open Source discovery software has just been released. ​ This release further improves the stability and flexibility of VuFind 2.0, adding significant new features in the process.
 +Some key additions:
 +- Flexible and configurable support for combining search results from multiple sources, inspired by Villanova University'​s multi-column Catalog/​Summon search.
 +- A new module for indexing websites.
 +- Integration with new software and services, including Booksite enhanced content, the Polaris ILS, and the Pazpar2 open source metasearch tool.
 +Additionally,​ several bug fixes and minor improvements have been incorporated.
 +Questions about the new release or VuFind in general can be directed to Demian Katz, the lead developer of the project at Villanova University. The software and its documentation may be found at http://​vufind.org.
 +Demian Katz\\
 +Villanova University\\
 +Falvey Memorial Library\\
 +800 Lancaster Avenue\\
 +Villanova, PA 19085\\
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