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VuFind Newsletter: November, 2019

:!: This is a draft and is subject to change.

Recently Completed / Resolved Issues

The following items were completed in the past month:

  • Added Hindi translation: #1485
  • Added “Integrating Resource” support to MarcAdvancedTrait::getBibliographicLevel(): #1490
  • Alma ILS driver improvements: #1481, #1492
  • Deprecate Params::getFilters in preference to Params::getRawFilters, to clarify code: #1489
  • DOI linking support for EDS records: #1493
  • Feedback form improvement: #1484
  • Fix bug: filters display on home page even when retain_filters_by_default is false: #1482
  • Improvements to item status display logic: #1466
  • Make hierarchy logic compatible with additional search backends: #1478
  • Minor language file correction: #1483
  • Performance improvements to record collection creation: #1488
  • Unpaywall DOI linking support: #1491 / VUFIND-1322
  • Updated profiling support (useful for developers): #1487

New Issues

The following items were reported / begun in the past month, but are not yet completed:

Code in Progress

  • Improve efficiency of sitemap generator (and related search system components): #1486

Issue Report / Discussion Only

  • IMPROVEMENT: Add “Cite This” option to search results (in addition to record view): VUFIND-1371
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better advanced search tab behavior when using multiple search backends: VUFIND-1370
  • IMPROVEMENT: Investigate elimination of need for import.properties configuration file for SolrMarc: VUFIND-1372

Active Issues

The following items saw significant progress / activity during the past month:

  • ArchivesSpace integration: #1469 - there has been some discussion about MARC vs. EAD import procedures.
  • HathiTrust record preview tab: VUFIND-1329 - there has been discussion about expanding the scope of this ticket to add additional preview tabs when available.
  • Improve filter UI: VUFIND-1353 / #1482 - work is in progress on making filter behavior on the home and record pages appropriately reflect the retain_filters_by_default setting.
  • Selective dissemination of information (SDI): #1440 -
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