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   * Vulnerability fix suggestion from Snyk: [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1616|#​1616]]   * Vulnerability fix suggestion from Snyk: [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1616|#​1616]]
 +This pull request was closed without action because it was determined to be unnecessary at this time:
 +  * Simplify translation tokens in templates: [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1621|#​1621]]
 ===== New Issues ===== ===== New Issues =====
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   * Make BrowZine DOI behavior more configurable with filters: [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1625|#​1625]]   * Make BrowZine DOI behavior more configurable with filters: [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1625|#​1625]]
   * Sample hierarchical facet configuration:​ [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1626|#​1626]]   * Sample hierarchical facet configuration:​ [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1626|#​1626]]
-  * Simplify translation tokens in templates: [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1621|#1621]]+  * Use POST instead of GET for EDS searches: [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1627|#1627]]
 ==== Issue Report / Discussion Only ==== ==== Issue Report / Discussion Only ====
Line 51: Line 55:
   * Enhancements to cover loading: [[https://​vufind.org/​jira/​browse/​VUFIND-1140|VUFIND-1140]] / [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1566|#​1566]]   * Enhancements to cover loading: [[https://​vufind.org/​jira/​browse/​VUFIND-1140|VUFIND-1140]] / [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1566|#​1566]]
   * SCSS PHP compiler: [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1538|#​1538]]   * SCSS PHP compiler: [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1538|#​1538]]
 +Additionally,​ several earlier accessibility-related pull requests were closed because they have been consolidated into the ongoing work in [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​1609|#​1609]].
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