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 ====== VuFind Newsletter: May, 2020 ====== ====== VuFind Newsletter: May, 2020 ======
-:!: This document is a draft and is subject to change. 
 ===== Highlights / Executive Summary ===== ===== Highlights / Executive Summary =====
 +May saw the completion of the project to migrate VuFind'​s console tools from laminas-mvc-console to Symfony/​Console (including updates to some related work in progress). Other recent developments include several fixes and improvements related to integration with the EBSCO Discovery Service, expanded functionality in VuFind'​s RESTful API, support for automatic generation of more plugin types, upgrades to key front-end dependencies,​ and more.
 +This month also saw the announcement of a combined online event this fall as an alternative to the usual in-person VuFind Summits in Germany and the United States; see the [[community:​conferences:​summit_2020:​press_release_20200526|press release]] for more details.
 ===== Recently Completed / Resolved Issues ===== ===== Recently Completed / Resolved Issues =====
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