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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

PMC Meeting: November 8, 2021

Attending: Leila Gonzales, Oliver Goldschmidt, Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, André Lahmann, Ere Maijala, Craig Murdoch, Mohan Raj Pradhan, Hajo Seng

Apologies: Leander Seige

1. Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • André/Demian/Mohan: Continue discussion of documentation management, etc. IN PROGRESS
    • Mohan: Waiting for documents to be revised this week, then will send on.
    • Editing will follow
  • Demian: Continue moving OLF membership process forward. IN PROGRESS
  • Demian: Set up web analytics on the vufind.org website/wiki. DONE
  • Demian: Set up video editing project board and share with Leila. DONE
  • ALL: Add suggested answers to Leila's survey draft. IN PROGRESS

1. Summit Planning

The summit is next week!

2. User Needs Assessment Survey

  • No progress, more tomorrow.
  • Comments deadline is this Friday.

3. Outreach Opportunity: Code4lib Pre-conference CFP

A CFP for Code4lib pre-conference sessions (to be held May 23, 2022 in Buffalo, NY) was sent to the VuFind mailing list recently, with a deadline of November 18. Demian has submitted proposals in the past without success, but it might be worth trying again if anyone is planning to attend.

4. Possible Future Actions

Some other possible items for the future:

  • Develop a fundraising communication plan - after November resource planning
  • Discuss a strategy for approaching VuFind services vendors (both for funding support and trademark compliance)
  • Develop a documentation maintenance plan
  • Investigate Dokuwiki enhancements (“old page” alerts, “page ownership” mechanism)
  • Community Call restructuring / marketing
  • “Good first issue” highlighting
  • Improve VuFind installation list
    • Ere: KOHA has opt-in for sharing information about the installation
      • Adding to installation seems like a good idea
      • An optional registration step on install/upgrade
      • Scrape-able tag
      • General information: version, ILS, institution type, repository size, user count, configuration
      • An online form perhaps?
  • Outreach to forks for new feature contributions
  • Marketing project (better VuFind definition, website improvements, etc.)
  • Publication / presentation efforts related to PMC and sustainability
  • NEW: Evaluate vufind.org web analytics.

5. Documentation

The Learning VuFind book was released after André and Demian resolved remaining issues related to PDF generation. DONE

Demian opened pull request #3 to add the trademark symbol to the text; André will review.

Ere and Mohan have made progress on the remaining Koha chapters. IN PROGRESS

Missing trademark symbol has been added (Pull Request). IN PROGRESS

  • André suggests releasing the template for future VuFind documentation, so just the markdown has to be added.
    • Part one of a documentation management plan.

6. OLF Update

No major news; still waiting for progress from Villanova's legal team.

7. Release Planning

Next time, we should look at the outcomes of next week's roadmapping activities.

Other Items

Beta testing of the next module of the It Takes a Village Toolkit has been delayed from November to January. We should be ready to reserve some time in January for exercises (and perhaps also use the February Community Call for an activity).

Action Items

  • André/Demian/Ere/Mohan: Continue discussion of documentation management, etc.
  • Demian: Continue moving OLF membership process forward.
  • ALL: Add suggested answers to Leila's survey draft.
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