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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

PMC Meeting: February 14, 2022

Attending: Oliver Goldschmidt, Leila Gonzales, Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, Ere Maijala, Craig Murdoch, Mohan Pradhan, Hajo Seng

Apologies: André Lahmann, Leander Seige

1. Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • André/Demian/Ere/Mohan: Continue discussion of documentation management, etc. ONGOING
  • Demian: Continue moving OLF membership process forward. ONGOING
  • Hajo: Share WOLFcon details with the group as they emerge. ONGOING
  • Demian/Leila: Post discovery survey results on website. DONE
  • Demian: Open PR to link from installation screens to installation report form. DONE
  • Demian: Schedule reminder to send updated web analytics at end of quarter. DONE
  • Demian: Do some basic analysis of web analytics results. DONE
  • Demian: Turn on branch protection for dev branch in GitHub. DONE
  • Demian: Send email to committers about possibility of using April Community Call for sprint planning. DONE
  • Demian: Schedule “It Takes a Village” activity meeting for PMC on 1/26. DONE
  • Craig: Share draft Registered Service Provider Agreement (discussed during ITAV meeting). DONE

2. User Needs Assessment Survey

Leila posted results on the wiki.

This seems to support the value of ongoing investigations related to authority data. Possible action: discuss on Community Call (May?). Ere highlighted the complexity of dealing with authority data from multiple sources.

3. WOLFcon 2022

Hajo attended the first program planning meeting for WOLFcon. Time slots are fixed in place and room size/availability is known. The FOLIO community is developing a lot of content. We should determine as soon as possible what VuFind content we want to present.

Format expected to be hybrid but with strong in-person component.

Hajo will share details of schedule so we can plan further.

There is an opportunity for some hands-on workshops to show ease of installation/use of VuFind.

Hajo has been discussing the possibility of a VuFind-specific social event as well.

4. Improve VuFind Installation List

As promised, Demian opened pull request #2268 to link from the VuFind installation page to the instance report form. This was discussed and merged.

Other remaining actions:

  • Decide which email address(es) the form should notify (Demian and Chris for now; PMC forwarding address a possibility for the future)
  • Link to the form from the installation list itself. Demian will add this.

5. vufind.org Web Analytics

As discussed last month, Demian did some very minimal analysis of the top 40 web pages on vufind.org, finding that all of the frequently-accessed pages also seem to be reasonably up to date. The page that probably is most in need of attention is open data sources, which contains a lot of information that hasn't been checked in close to a decade (though it also includes some current and useful things). Perhaps we should consider breaking this into smaller pieces and/or reviewing all of it.

General consensus: if we want to keep all the content, split it into multiple levels – “hub” pages for types of data (authority/bib/linked/etc.), with lower-level pages containing specific examples. Move XSLT examples into the code base (when appropriate) instead of keeping them inline in the wiki.

Before splitting content, review what is still working/relevant. If we can/should delete most of the content, maybe reformatting is less relevant.

Another possibility to consider: using the Folded plugin to collapse some of the content.

Demian will review when time permits and share ideas next time.

6. GitHub Branch Protection

Demian turned on branch protection for dev, dev-* and release-* branches.

7. Documentation

No news this month.

8. OLF Update

Progress continues on the VuFind/OLF process; Villanova has been funded the initial membership setup, and the necessary legal process is now underway to form the SMLLC.

Additionally, VuFind has been assigned three votes for the current open seat on the OLF roundtable. We should determine a process for allocating these.

Decision: give votes to PMC members who are also OLF officers (manager/secretary/treasurer); discuss at PMC meeting prior to voting so that full PMC can share input with these representatives.

9. Release Planning

Demian is planning to focus on sprint planning at the April Community Call, to tackle theme and/or Doctrine-related work.

Demian also raised the possibility of 8.1 and 9.0 releases coming closer together than in the past – the work on both releases is tied together by the new theme, and they may end up being ready at closer to the same time than we have seen in the past.

Send round-up of outstanding theme-related PRs to PMC for final review as needed.

10. It Takes a Village: Resources Module

Following last month's PMC activity, Craig drafted a Registered Service Provider Agreement for further discussion.

There was some discussion about the need to clarify benefits and obligations in the RSP document. It may be helpful to “lead with the benefits” (maybe move the table from the bottom to the top).

Question: should listed service providers have a separate agreement? Regardless of answer, RSP document should probably be more clearly geared toward RSPs – we can use LSPs as a point of comparison but they should have a separate agreement (if we want them to sign something at all).

Side discussion: we should set up rules for ensuring that LSPs remain current – i.e. request regular contact to keep list up to date; remove if no contact after X amount of time.

The “new forms of community engagement” activity at the February Community Call also generated some ideas; Demian will follow up at the March Community Call.

11. Possible Future Actions

Some other possible items for the future:

  • Develop a fundraising communication plan - after February resource planning
  • Discuss a strategy for approaching VuFind services vendors (both for funding support and trademark compliance)
  • Develop a documentation maintenance plan
  • Investigate Dokuwiki enhancements (“old page” alerts, “page ownership” mechanism)
  • Community Call restructuring / marketing
  • “Good first issue” highlighting
  • Outreach to forks for new feature contributions
  • Marketing project (better VuFind definition, website improvements, etc.)
  • Publication / presentation efforts related to PMC and sustainability

Other Items

Mohan reported progress on setting up services to support VuFind members.

Action Items

  • Demian: Continue moving OLF membership process forward.
  • Demian: include authority data discussion on a future Community Call agenda.
  • Hajo: share WOLFcon schedule details with the PMC to support further planning.
  • Demian: set up instance report form to email to Chris; link to form from installation list.
  • Demian: review Open Data Sources wiki page and develop proposals for discussion next time.
  • Demian: share voting links (and personal opinions, if any) with OLF officers.
  • Demian: send summary of outstanding theme-related pull requests to PMC members for final review.
  • ALL: review the draft Registered Service Provider Agreement and leave comments for deeper discussion next time.
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