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PMC Meeting: November 14, 2022

Attending: Galen Charlton, Anne Christensen, Oliver Goldschmidt, Leila Gonzales, Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, Ere Maijala, Craig Murdoch, Mohan Raj Pradhan

Apologies: André Lahmann, Leander Seige

1. Review of Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Demian: update “VuFind for Project Managers” wiki page. DONE
  • Demian: build skeletal “Production Checklist” page and link to appropriate places. DONE
  • ALL: add detail to “Production Checklist” once Demian has shared the link. DONE
  • Mohan: make further progress on updating Open Data Sources wiki pages. ONGOING
  • ALL: edit page ownership in the wiki for pages that you maintain (and feel free to assign pages on behalf of other users if/when appropriate – e.g. Demian does not object being assigned to pages by others). DONE
  • Demian: send follow-up messages to listed service providers (with deadline). DONE
  • Demian: send reminders about Community Call survey. DONE
  • Demian: provide access to VuFind's Lokalise account for André. DONE
  • André: test access to Lokalise (once available) and investigate how platform could be utilized for the project (check accuracy of import, examine export options, etc.) DONE
  • ALL: think about potential questions for the Documentation Survey (for discussion next month). DONE

2. Documentation

Work is still pending on MeSH, DoAJ, PubMed Central and NepJol “open data sources” pages.

Mohan has made some progress on documentation and will be sending some documents to Demian for entry into the wiki tomorrow.

Demian and Ere made progress on the Production Checklist page.

Demian shared a proposed draft for the documentation survey and welcomes feedback from others.

Leila will put up a link based on the draft for further discussion. We'll discuss more next meeting and hopefully release early in 2023.

3. Release Planning

The current process on the Community Call seems to be working well; Demian proposes that we don't need to discuss release planning in this meeting.

4. Conflict of Interest Policy

The OLF has asked us to develop a Conflict of Interest policy to help with potential audit issues. We can build on the template created by FOLIO. All voting members of PMC should sign, as they are effectively the project's board of directors. We should also decide if/where to publish this policy.

There were no objections to adopting the CoI policy. Everyone will send a digitally signed copy of the document.

5. Community Call Restructuring/Marketing

Leila shared survey results. The results seem to confirm that the existing time and structure are working well for participants. Demian will report back on the next Community Call.

6. Translation Platform

André began investigating lokalise and identified some issues we'll need to resolve before the platform will be fully functional. Work in progress at pull request #2598.

7. Registered Service Provider Agreement

Two more RSPs have submitted payment, and more payments are pending.

The support web page may need a redesign to better accommodate more RSP logos “above the fold.”

Most remaining providers have confirmed their status. Demian was unable to get responses from CINECA (Italy) or Scanbit (Spain). Scanbit's website still actively references VuFind-related services; CINECA's does not.

Oliver might be able to find a CINECA contact to get clarification.

8. Fundraising Communication Plan

We should develop a strategy for raising funds.

One aspect is keeping track of RSP renewals / reminders – this is likely a responsibility for the treasurer, and the OLF may be able to help with some details.

What about a “membership drive” – timing? Communication types?

Craig suggested that a better understanding of the user base would be helpful in figuring out how to approach fundraising.

He also suggested that once a year is sufficient, and linking it to the Summit makes sense strategically.

Demian pointed out that the installation list offers some insight on the community; Ere pointed out that GitHub forks are also interesting.

Leila suggested that we should articulate what the money will be used for, to highlight the value.

9. Product vs. Project

Ere raised the point (based on internal discussion at National Library of Finland about reputational values) that “Project” sounds like something that has an end date, and “Product” might be a better term for our name – Product Management Committee. Is it worth changing? (Subsequent research revealed that “Project” seems to be more commonly used, so Ere withdrew the suggestion). It was agreed to take no action at this time.

10. Possible Future Actions

Some other possible items for the future:

Other Items

David Maus has volunteered to fill in for Hajo starting in December, though he does not feel comfortable taking over Treasurer duties. Craig has volunteered for Treasurer, so he can fill that role if the necessity arises. Scott from OLF is helping in the near term while we wait for news.

Galen asked about the status of accessibility auditing for VuFind; Demian mentioned that many institutions have done audits and contributed findings back to the project, though the core project itself has not been directly audited. Doing a project-initiated accessibility audit may be a good thing to consider as part of the development of the next theme. This could be something that fundraising could work toward.

Action Items

  • ALL: submit signed Conflict of Interest policy acknowledgments to Demian for submission to the OLF.
  • Mohan: make further progress on updating Open Data Sources wiki pages.
  • Leila: create link to draft Documentation survey.
  • Demian: add Community Call survey result report to next Community Call agenda.
  • André/Demian: continue to work on pull request #2598 for lokalise compatibility.
  • Oliver: investigate status of CINECA's VuFind support.
  • ALL: think about fundraising strategies, and possible uses of raised funds, for continuation of fundraising conversation next time.
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