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 The VuFind open source project is supported by a community of users and developers. The VuFind open source project is supported by a community of users and developers.
 +===== Mission Statement =====
 +The mission of the VuFind Community is to develop and support VuFind, a free, open source discovery application. VuFind provides a universal, user-oriented and configurable interface to support common search, browse and patron account operations across a wide variety of information systems and metadata types. VuFind is designed to be friendly both for end users and for developers/​administrators,​ providing infrastructure for innovation and enabling organizations to make choices about their back-end systems without significantly impacting their front-facing user experience. The Community places a priority on mutual support and knowledge sharing, maintaining documentation and multiple communication channels in order to welcome newcomers and enable collaborative planning and problem solving.
 ===== Get Involved ===== ===== Get Involved =====
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