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Email Alerts

Starting with release 6.1, VuFind supports “selective dissemination of information” – users can subscribe to searches and receive regular email alerts when new results appear in those result sets.


To set this up, follow these steps:

1. Make sure that you are Tracking Record Changes during your indexing process, or else VuFind will not know which results are new for the purposes of sending alerts.

2. Turn on the “schedule_searches” setting in the [Account] section of config.ini. There are also some related settings in this configuration file which you may wish to consider adjusting (for example, the user-selectable notification frequency options).

3. Set up a cron job or other process/workflow for running the command line utility (“php $VUFIND_HOME/public/index.php scheduledsearch notify”) to send notifications based on user subscriptions. It is generally preferable to run this during a low-volume time since it will potentially perform a large number of searches, imposing a load on Solr.

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