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 +====== Overdrive.ini ======
 +The Overdrive.ini file contains settings related to integration with the third-party [[configuration:​Overdrive|Overdrive]] service.
 +In VuFind 2.0 and later, it may be found in the "​config/​vufind"​ subdirectory of your [[configuration:​local_settings_directory|local settings directory]]. ​ If it does not already exist in that directory, a default configuration can be copied from $VUFIND_HOME/​config/​vufind and customized. ​ (This keeps your local customizations separated from the default VuFind settings).
 +You can view the latest version of the file [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​blob/​master/​config/​vufind/​Overdrive.ini|here]].
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