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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Record Caching

Starting with release 3.0, VuFind supports the option of storing records from search backends in the local database. This is primarily designed to ensure that user favorite lists remain functional and performant even when search providers are slow or records are deleted; however, it may have additional applications as well.

:!: Not all search backends are supported by cache – in particular, backends that return different record data when a user is logged in vs. logged out, or on vs. off campus, cannot be reliably cached.

Setting Up Caching

Caching can be configured individually for each backend. There are also separate settings for normal record access and favorite lists. One possible setup would be to use the cache as a fallback by default when a record is no longer available and as the primary source in favorite lists to speed up the retrieval of records. Note, however, that a record is only added to the cache when a user adds it as a favorite, so for the fallback to be available the record must have been added to favorites at some point.

See RecordCache.ini for details.

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