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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: November 2, 2010

Attending: Jeffrey Barnett, Demian Katz, Till Kinstler, Erik Mitchell, Eric Lease Morgan, Mark Noble, Fang Peng, Sean Purcell, Preetha Rao, Heiko Weier


1. Establishing a Developers Group

At the recent VuFind 2.0 Conference, we discussed the fact that our formal administration structure was underused and decided not to invest in the overhead of continuing to elect formal administrators. Instead, we will use this call to administer the project, maintaining a list of developers in the wiki to give a snapshot of what is being worked on.

Several people volunteered to help form a core VuFind developers group. Their names have been listed on the core developers wiki page. Anyone is welcome to join or leave this group by editing the wiki – the idea is to show what people are currently working on and to list people who expect to regularly participate in these calls.

2. Continuous Integration

Greg Pendlebury has been doing some research into continuous integration for VuFind. Unfortunately, he was not able to attend the call, so we did our best without him.


The goal of continuous integration is to set up a process whereby every commit to Subversion will trigger testing and report generation that can be used to avoid bugs and target areas for improvement. Some basic information can be found on the continuous integration wiki page. Use this page to read about some of the available tools. Please feel free to add notes and useful links.


The group discussed goals for our continuous integration project:

  • Short term: Get Hudson be up and running so that every check-in generates a report.
  • Medium term: Make sure that Hudson reports actually contain useful information by building a substantial number of unit tests and configuring useful analysis of code content.
  • Long term: The continuous integration process should cover enough of VuFind's code so that we can do a major rewrite (i.e. VuFind 2.0) and have confidence that we're maintaining the same functionality.

Ideally, the short term goal should be met by the end of the year, and the medium term goal by the end of next Spring. The long term goal is very broad, and target dates will depend on other goals and conversations.

Action Items

Several people volunteered to participate in the Maven/Hudson working group to begin planning to meet our first goal of basic Hudson report generation. These people have been noted on the core developers page.

The first step is to begin reading about the technologies and formulating a proposal to be discussed on the next call. The vufind-tech mailing list will be used as the primary forum for discussing the topic in the meantime.

3. Call frequency: bi-weekly or monthly?

The group agreed to begin with bi-weekly meetings. This can be adjusted later if we find that calls of this frequency are not necessary.

4. Other Roadmap Issues

No additional roadmap issues were discussed on this call. Please refer to this PDF document if you are interested in proposing key topics for future calls.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, November 16 at 10am Eastern Standard Time (GMT - 5:00).

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