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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: January 25, 2011

Attending: Jeffrey Barnett, Daniel Lovins, Demian Katz, Erik Mitchell, Tuan Nguyen, Greg Pendlebury, Preetha Rao


1. Continuous Integration Update

No major developments – still fixing style issues (now < 600) and investigating Selenium speed issues. Preetha has also begun investigating Cucumber as an alternative/complement to Selenium. Greg expressed some mild concerns about spending too much time on test development in light of forthcoming infrastructure changes but will elaborate in an email to the mailing list.

2. jQuery/XHTML Theme

Remaining outstanding issues are listed as comments on VUFIND-353. Progress has been made over the past couple of weeks, and this ticket should be able to be closed in time for the 1.1 release.

Tuan is also working on improved “cart” functionality for selecting and acting on multiple items.

Demian will retest his autocomplete problems and send Tuan more details.

3. Icon Set for Library Software

No major developments – some updates have been made to the Icon Set wiki page. Graham was not able to attend the meeting, but Demian will email him for a status update.

4. New JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-373 adds a year slider to the YUI-based themes to match the jQuery theme. Demian will test and likely commit the changes.
  • VUFIND-375 points out a naming conflict with the PHP Solr Module. The ticket suggests renaming SolrUtils to SolrTools, but we decided to use VuFind_SolrUtils (or something similar) instead to further reduce the chances of future conflicts.

5. Plug-in Architecture

A Plug-in Architecture wiki page has been created to begin brainstorming. Please read it and feel free to contribute ideas and opinions.

Greg shared this page to provide background information on Maven (document is not specifically VuFind-related). Greg will start putting together proof-of-concept POMs. Initial discussion seems to lean toward Zend framework, so it will be used in initial proof-of-concept investigation… but this is still in early stages, and other approaches may be considered.

Daniel asked how Zend compares to CodeIgniter. This comparison chart helps answer some questions (and identifies other framework candidates).

6. Next meeting date?

Demian will be attending code4lib on February 8. The next meeting will be delayed until the following week to allow for a code4lib debriefing. The regular biweekly schedule will resume after that.

7. Other Topics?

Daniel will be attending a conference call about OCLC services (Identities, Terminologies, etc.). Contact him if you have any suggestions you would like to pass along. Demian suggested a request for better sort options in Terminologies.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 10am Eastern Standard Time (GMT - 5:00).

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