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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: May 3, 2011

Attending: Lutz Biedinger, Demian Katz, Eoghan Ó Carragáin, Sean Purcell, Graham Seaman


1. Integration Testing Update

Preetha is continuing to work on general testing of record functionality, and she has also been developing some infrastructure for regression testing. Nothing has been committed yet, but she has written tests against several bugs that have been fixed based on recent mailing list feedback. She is setting up some Phing rules so that problem MARC records can be placed in the same directory as related tests, and the testing process will automatically load the records into VuFind and run tests against them.

2. New/Updated JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-173 - Eoghan's patch for variable search result page size has been committed.
  • VUFIND-357 - Demian has committed improved functionality for remembering the user's last sort option; unlike the patch discussed several months back, this version does not interfere with persistent URL integrity.
  • VUFIND-399 - Oliver Marahrens has contributed a BibTeX export patch (to complement RefWorks, EndNote, etc.); Demian will test and commit when he returns from vacation next week.

3. Solr 3.1 Update

The Solr 3.1 branch is now working at https://vufind.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vufind/branches/solr3/.

Because Solr 3.1 does not allow sorting of multi-valued fields, the schema and indexing rules for publishDate have been adjusted slightly; in addition to fixing Solr 3.1 compatibility, this also solves an existing VuFind problem with bad displays for records with multiple 260 fields.

Demian also reminded the group of the SolrMarc configuration changes necessary to get things working (HTTP instead of direct index writing). Eoghan asked if HTTP was significantly slower than direct writing; in practice, it seems to be somewhat slower, but you can compensate for this by running multiple simultaneous index processes. While direct writing from multiple instances of SolrMarc at the same time may cause problems, using multiple HTTP connections simultaneously seems safe.

Eoghan also asked what to test when looking at the new branch – the main thing is probably to check records with unusual Unicode characters to be sure that they still search, sort and display properly… but any known problem records from the past are worth rechecking to ensure that they still work correctly in the new version.

We will revisit this topic next call; hopefully by then others will have had a chance to try out the new branch.

4. Architecture Improvements

Demian has begun experimenting with the Zend framework here: https://vufind.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/vufind/branches/vufind2/. So far, theme inheritance and internationalization are working, and he is working on splitting up the SearchObject into more manageable and tidy chunks, but there is very little functional code yet. Hopefully this will evolve into a more workable demo over the next few weeks.

Demian also slightly revised his review of Pope's “Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development.“ While it remains the best Zend book he has read so far, its index is inadequate, making it frustrating as a reference book after the initial readthrough.

5. New Mobile Theme

Deferred until next call since the involved parties were not present.

6. Cart Functionality

Deferred until next call since the involved parties were not present.

7. EZProxy + VuFind + JSON

Markus Fischer ran into some problems running VuFind behind EZProxy due to the content-type header used by the JSON handler. The trunk code has been changed to use application/javascript instead of text/plain to resolve the issue. Demian has tested in many browsers and this seems to be fine, but please report any problems you encounter related to JSON responses.

8. Other Topics?

Eoghan pointed out this lightning talk about using VuFind for cross-collection search and the launch of Yale Digital Commons (running VuFind).

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4:00).

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