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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

VuFind Developers Call Minutes: May 31, 2011

Attending: Filipe Bento, Remko Caprio, Demian Katz, Sean Purcell, Servilio from McMaster University Library


1. New/Updated JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-76 - This issue (improved hold behavior) has been resolved as part of a large improvement to VuFind, which now includes solid infrastructure for handling holds, recalls and renewals. Only the VoyagerRestful driver supports these features currently, but Horizon will be added very soon and Aleph is in the planning stages. The driver spec has been updated to explain which methods need to be implemented to take advantage of the new features. Several people expressed interest in trying this new code, and there is interest in getting a Sirsi Symphony driver that works with it (this subject will be broached on the Sirsi-specific mailing list).
  • VUFIND-401 - Luke's patch to display multiple availability statuses rather than a summary when multiple items are present has been committed. This can be activated by using a new setting in config.ini.
  • VUFIND-406 - Just a reminder that we need to build upgrade tools for the next release (since there is now at least one database change related to VUFIND-76).
  • VUFIND-407 - British English now has its own language file in the trunk – feel free to take a look and make adjustments if necessary.
  • VUFIND-408 - This ticket was immediately closed as it is a duplicate of VUFIND-169, dealing with problems in Wikipedia author information retrieval.
  • VUFIND-409 - A request for change tracking in the wiki – see further discussion below.
  • VUFIND-410 - Some improvements were made to VuFind's EZProxy integration; this is already committed.
  • VUFIND-411 - More bugs were found in the interaction between VuFind's public list feature and the new bulk actions introduced in VuFind 1.1; this ticket includes a patch to fix them, and all fixes have been committed to the trunk.

2. Wiki Spam/Upgrading

Users have been inserting spam links into the wiki recently. Demian has turned on page subscription options and general change notifications to make it easier to keep an eye out for problems. He will also look into upgrading to the latest Dokuwiki version in the near future.

3. Solr 3.1 Update

Still waiting for Bob Haschart to return from vacation and produce a new SolrMarc release before proceeding.

4. Architecture Improvements

No changes since the last call – Demian has been busy with JIRA tickets and other issues; hopefully more progress will be made by the next call.

5. Continuous Integration Update

The Hudson project has been renamed to Jenkins; VuFind's Hudson somehow automatically upgraded itself to Jenkins, much to Demian's confusion! Considerable reconfiguration was necessary to make everything work, but continuous integration is now back online.

6. New Mobile Theme

Filipe has done testing and made a few comments:

  • Search button didn't work when user was logged in (Demian has fixed already)
  • Filters cannot be removed after using narrow search
  • There is no confirmation message after saving a search (but it does work)
  • Search history is only available in user area; should it be available elsewhere? Should we rename the link from “History” to “Searches”?
  • There is no “back to results” navigation from the record view
  • No related records are visible on record view
  • When adding to lists, there is currently no way to create a new list
  • Existing lists cannot currently be edited
  • The book bag feature doesn't work (Demian has disabled this until the back end is complete)

Demian will try to fix more of these and/or pass notes along to Tuan; we can discuss in more detail on the next call when we have a larger group.

7. Cart Functionality

No news this call – but now that Luke has finished work in other areas (i.e. VUFIND-76), he should have more time to look at this.

8. Other Topics?

Servilio brought up the subject of moving to a different mode of source control. Demian is waiting until VuFind 2.0 is more mature before considering a platform shift (in order to keep SVN as a legacy environment for 1.x development while moving 2.x development to something more modern). We will discuss this in more detail when the time comes.

We also discussed a release date for VuFind 1.2; this should be discussed in more detail on the next call when we know more about the status of the Solr 3.1 upgrade. Depending on whether we want to include the Solr update as part of the release, the possible date may vary… but either way, late summer or early fall is probably a reasonable goal.

Filipe will send some corrections to the Portuguese translation.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4:00).

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