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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: October 4, 2011

Attending: Filipe Bento, Lutz Biedinger, Demian Katz, Tuan Nguyen, Luke O'Sullivan, Sean Purcell, Ernie Simuro


1. New/Updated JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-441 - The patch for indexing collection-level data has been improved.
  • VUFIND-444 - The Europeana recommendation patch has been improved and committed.
  • VUFIND-445 / VUFIND-446 - The Google Map patches have been improved and committed.
  • VUFIND-453 - There are some bugs in the way certain optional Dismax parameters (i.e. bq, bf) are applied in advanced searches. This seems to be related to a flaw in Solr's syntax. A partial fix is currently attached to the ticket (and has been committed to the trunk); Demian will investigate solving the remaining issues after the Solr 3 upgrade in case things improve on the Solr side.
  • VUFIND-454 - Demian has shared a patch for adding a new Solr core to index websites, including some basic tools for crawling sitemaps. It could probably stand to be made a little better before getting committed – please try it and comment if you are interested.
  • VUFIND-455 - This patch from Lutz adds optional zooming functionality to the recently committed VUFIND-382 timeline visualization patch. Demian expects to commit it soon if no one objects.

2. Solr 3.x Update

The new SolrMarc release is imminent. Once it arrives, Demian will upgrade the VuFind trunk. The new SolrMarc release will also include David Walker's improved format determination, so we may want to revisit the way VuFind populates the format facet.

Note that because of changes in the way Unicode is handled with Solr 3 vs. Solr 1.4, it will be necessary to reindex all data after this upgrade takes place.

3. Architecture Improvements

Chris has continued working on VuFind 2, porting a couple more recommendation modules (including Wikipedia support) and continuing to improve VuDL integration.

Anoop has begun testing the code and has contributed basic install documentation that will be included as a text file in Subversion shortly.

Demian is still working on building the MyResearch area; he is currently in the process of reimplementing favorites as a custom SearchObject (for more consistency with other code).

4. New Mobile Theme

Luke has added support for his expanded ILS driver functionality in the new jquerymobile theme, so holds/recalls/renewals are possible.

5. Cart Functionality

Cart functionality is still available for testing on the trunk demo. There are some known issues that need to be resolved, but the list keeps getting shorter – Demian and Luke are still working on the finishing touches.

6. Other Topics?

Luke has run into problems with the behavior of the splitOnCaseChange parameter in the Solr schema – case changes inside words can cause problems – i.e. a search for “MoBile” won't match records with the word “mobile” in them. Tuan ran into the same issue at York and solved it by turning off splitOnCaseChange in the query analyzer chain (which solves the problem but also negates some of the benefit of using splitOnCaseChange). Demian and Luke tried changing the catenateWords settings and were able to find a solution that seemed to work in the Solr admin tool but it didn't actually seem to fix VuFind itself. They will investigate further after updating to Solr 3.x.

Filipe still plans to test and comment on Luke's feedback patch, but he hasn't had a chance yet.

Tuan asked about the schedule for the release of VuFind 1.3 – we can discuss that on the agenda of the next developers call since by then we will know more about the Solr 3 upgrade.

Sean said that their Primo Central integration is being prepared – he will report more on the next call.

Luke will be presenting at an Ex Libris conference in the near future.

Eoghan (via email) reported that Andornot is offering VuFind consulting services – more details.

Demian will also be presenting at a local conference next week on the subject of running VuFind on Amazon's S3 cloud service (which works surprisingly well).

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 11am Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4:00).

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