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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: May 29, 2012

Attending: Filipe Bento, Oliver Goldschmidt, Demian Katz, Ronan McHugh, Luke O'Sullivan, Al Rykhus, Kate Wolkwitz


1. New/Updated JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-217 - A link to the EvolvePlus VuFind Manager has been added to this ticket (about tag management); hopefully the Manager functions can eventually be integrated into VuFind's Admin module.
  • VUFIND-251 / VUFIND-252 - These mobile-theme-related tickets have been closed as they are resolved by the jquerymobile theme, which will be the only mobile theme in VuFind 2.
  • VUFIND-318 - Ronan's patch for adding new configurable options for controlling rights settings in book previews has been revised and committed.
  • VUFIND-386 - The new Aleph driver has been updated once again.
  • VUFIND-418 - This ticket proposes specifying the VuFind configuration file via the Apache configuration; this is supported in VuFind 2, so the ticket has been closed.
  • VUFIND-538 - There has been ongoing discussion about how to improve the behavior of the authority recommendation module.
  • VUFIND-560 - Demian has revised and committed Ronan's patch for special recommendations modules to display only when search results are empty.
  • VUFIND-577 - Lutz's patch for returning to the mobile theme from standard mode has been committed.
  • VUFIND-579 - This ticket addresses a bug in the full-text harvesting in SolrMarc; the Unicode filtering was incomplete and could strip valid characters. A patch is attached for VuFind's BeanShell version of the logic, and a compiled Java fix will be present in the next SolrMarc release (coming fairly soon).
  • VUFIND-580 - This ticket proposes some changes to the Solr-based course reserves module to add better consortial support.
  • VUFIND-581 - This ticket suggests another authority-related module (for resolving synonyms) to complement VUFIND-538.
  • VUFIND-582 - This ticket adds support for building the Solr reserves index from a CSV to allow it to work with ILSes that do not allow reserves data to be loaded directly through the driver. Demian plans to test and commit in the near future.
  • VUFIND-583 - This ticket discusses future improvements to the way language names are handled in VuFind's internationalization logic. It also has German language lists attached (for use with SolrMarc) which may be useful for German libraries while they wait for these improvements.
  • VUFIND-584 - This ticket proposes making some private methods in the MARC record driver protected for easier extensibility; Demian has committed the changes.
  • VUFIND-585 - This ticket reports some bugs and vulnerabilities in the Koha driver; Demian will work with the submitter to address the problems.
  • VUFIND-586 - This ticket provides a fix for a bug involving wildcard queries and spelling suggestions (corrected URLs were not generated properly).
  • VUFIND-587 / VUFIND-588 - This ticket provides settings for integrating Greenstone with VuFind; Demian will commit and/or update the wiki documentation as appropriate based on this information. Note that 587 is just an accidental duplicate ticket which has been closed.
  • VUFIND-589 - The version of Jetty packaged with VuFind has been end-of-lifed due to age; this ticket is a reminder to upgrade to a newer version.
  • VUFIND-590 - This ticket requests a configuration option to require authentication to send emails. Oliver has requested a patch from a library that has already implemented this feature – hopefully they will share.

2. VuFind 2.0 Update

Chris is finishing up statistics (some code is already committed) and Demian is porting and expanding the jquerymobile theme (search and record views are partially completed).

Zend Framework 2 beta 4 has been released, which gets us significantly closer to the final stable release of ZF2, which may have a significant impact on future VuFind 2 development (though at this point, it is clear that the first release candidate is going to be ZF1-based).

3. New Mobile Theme

No news (apart from the above).

4. VuFind Developers Summit 2012

A call for presentations will go out soon. Registration should open in early- to mid-June. More details will be forthcoming.

5. VuFind Hierarchical Collections Update

The National Library of Ireland has gone live with the new hierarchical code (example here). Luke gave a demo of the new code in Leeds and received quite a bit of interest; another demo for the Wales Calm User Group is forthcoming. Demian still plans to work on incorporating all of this functionality into the trunk as soon as there is a lull in VuFind 2 development.

6. Open Data / Shared Central Index

Filipe has posted a request on VUFIND-570 for submissions of OAI-harvestable data sources in need of VuFind XSLT sheets. Please post suggestions and requests on the ticket.

Kate's team is looking into open data possibilities in Germany.

Luke suggested the possibility of sharing circulation data for recommendation generation, etc.; the problem of privacy concerns in some regions was mentioned. (Possible solutions: limiting the data collected, explicitly obtaining user consent). The LibraryCloud project is already looking in this direction, so that might provide a model (and/or data source).

Demian mentioned that there is significant interest in this concept (shared central index) at Villanova – there will definitely be heavy discussion at the summit.

7. Translation

Kate requested some time to review how translation works in VuFind. There was some brainstorming about Kate's problem of dealing with translation of strings generated by the ILS in German and whether or not to include German keys in the English language file to solve the problem. Demian will send Kate a patch that allows reverse-translation to see if that enables a solution with more consistent language files (though Demian still has reservations about the complexity involved).

Kate also asked about documentation on where particular functions exist within the code. Demian still recommends simply using a tool to search the source code (either good old grep, or a programmer's editor with a “search within files” feature – Demian uses Crimson, Filipe uses Funduc Search & Replace), but the generated PHPdoc documentation may sometimes be helpful as well.

Filipe asked for a source of translations of scientific terminology into different languages; Demian suggested checking if an existing project on translatewiki.net might help, though that seems too limited in scope. Filipe has already done some experimentation with EUROVOC data.

8. Other Topics?

Benjamin Mosior (who couldn't attend the call due to vacation) emailed to report that he hopes to have a student developer setting up a consortial VuFind test environment soon to begin work on the proposal posted on VUFIND-180 in JIRA.

Kate mentioned working on BibTip integration for VuFind. She will open a JIRA ticket with details. This led to further discussion of LibraryThing, which offers some similar services – based on a discussion Demian had at the PLA conference, LibraryThing is interested in promoting deeper VuFind integration in the future. Luke offered a demo of LibraryThing integration on this page (see bottom right – this is implemented using LibraryThing's Javascript API).

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (14:00 GMT).

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