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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: June 26, 2012

Attending: Filipe Bento, Demian Katz, Ronan McHugh, Al Rykhus, Ken (no last name given)


1. New/Updated JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-348 - Luke has committed a patch to separate the configuration of homepage facets from the configuration of advanced facets; Demian will test and commit when time allows.
  • VUFIND-386 - Vaclav's Aleph driver has been committed as the default Aleph driver for VuFind 2; we still need to determine whether features from Al's version of the driver can be incorporated or whether two alternative versions of the driver need to be made available.
  • VUFIND-414 - This ticket proposed improving export functionality to allow export of a broader range of records; this has been achived in VuFind 2, so Demian has closed the ticket.
  • VUFIND-591 - This patch to prevent direct viewing of records that have been filtered out with a hidden filter has been committed.
  • VUFIND-598 - Luke has shared a call number normalization patch here. Please test and comment if you are interested.
  • VUFIND-600 - Aperture, the full-text extraction tool used by VuFind, is no longer in active development; this ticket is a reminder to investigate alternatives (such as Apache Tika) to ensure that full text support can continue in the future even if Aperture disappears completely.
  • VUFIND-601 - This ticket suggests some improvements to call number search for better UDC support; Demian will test and commit when time permits.
  • VUFIND-602 - Filipe found a bug in the list creation interface in the Blueprint theme of VuFind 1.3; a patch to fix it has been posted here, and the fix is committed to the trunk.
  • VUFIND-603 - This patch adds some new configuration options to the browse module to better support non-English alphabets; Demian will test and commit when time allows.

2. VuFind 2.0 Update

VuFind 2.0alpha is complete and will be released on schedule (July 2nd).

Demian has begun implementing 2.0beta, which will use Zend Framework 2. Some useful resources for the ZF1 to ZF2 conversion are linked here. This includes a link to a series of blog posts Demian has begun discussing particular aspects of the conversion.

As mentioned previously, Demian has activated git on Sourceforge in order to move forward with 2.0beta development outside of Subversion. Subversion will remain online for maintaining the 1.x codebase. For details on checking out the new (though currently far from functional) code, look at the Git instructions on this page.

There was some discussion about when it will be best to start working with VuFind 2 code; Demian recommends waiting until the ZF2 prototype is a little further along to avoid unnecessary duplicate learning. He will post to vufind-tech when the Git code is at least partially functional (hopefully not too far off).

Once the code is semi-functional, Demian would be interested in feedback on the file layout – particularly the folders used for configs and themes.

3. VuFind Developers Summit 2012

We have received some registrations and talk proposals, but there is still room for more. See the VuFind Summit 2012 page for more details.

Filipe proposed setting up a wiki page for coordinating room sharing to save money on conference attendance; he will follow up on the mailing lists.

There is also the possibility of a “VuFind hacks” session for sharing/proposing small VuFind modifications from various implementations. Filipe has several to talk about.

4. VuFind Hierarchical Collections Update

No news this week.

5. Open Data / Shared Central Index

Christian Dabrowski suggested LOBID as another possible data source; however, supporting it would probably require some new tools for dealing with linked data. However, there are some rdfmab records here which could perhaps be converted to MARC (if rdfmab is just an RDF representation of a MAB record).

6. Other Topics?

No other topics this week.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, July 10, 2012 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (14:00 GMT).

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