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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: January 8, 2013

Attending: Filipe Bento, Andy Erion, Demian Katz, Josiah Knoll, David Maus, Kyle McGrogan, Benjamin Mosior, Al Rykhus


1. New/Updated JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-276 - Josiah Knoll has posted a VuFind 2 version of the feedback module (with fewer features/less complexity than the 1.x version). This is still a work in progress, and a revised version is forthcoming.
  • VUFIND-340 - Significant progress is being made on password security in VuFind 2. A working patch is present here – we just need to do some work to update the install/upgrade process to encourage users to improve their security. Testing of the patch would be greatly appreciated.
  • VUFIND-441 - The collection module has been merged into the trunk, so this ticket is now closed.
  • VUFIND-459 - The simple MARC-XML merging utility described here is now part of VuFind 2.0.
  • VUFIND-721 - David has closed this ticket, indicating progress on his VF2 search refactoring.
  • VUFIND-726 - This ticket describes Al's AlphaBrowse enhancements for consortia.
  • VUFIND-727 - This ticket provides an ILL patch for VuFind 2.0; it is very institution-specific but may serve as an example for others wanting to make similar customizations.
  • VUFIND-728 - This ticket offers a cosmetic adjustment to the facets (adding the option to collapse entire facet sets).
  • VUFIND-729 - This ticket tracks Tod's proposed improvements to the batch import scripts.
  • VUFIND-730 - This ticket includes a patch to use the Bibtip API.
  • VUFIND-731 - This ticket proposes a workaround to make the OAI-PMH harvester more tolerant of illegal characters in XML responses.

2. VuFind 2.0 Update

All collection module functionality has been ported to VuFind 2.0.

The \VuFind\Http\Client class has been eliminated in favor of David's VuFindHttp module. In general, there is now more HTTP-related dependency injection throughout the code.

Demian has upgraded the Git master to use Zend Framework 2.0.6; however, this has some problems with HTTP, so Demian has patched in a quick fix. Hopefully the next official release will solve this problem more elegantly.

Demian has refactored the theme system to add more flexible configuration options for view helpers and to isolate generic theme-related code in a separate VuFindTheme module (which could theoretically be reused to add VuFind-style theming to other ZF2 applications).

Demian is planning to rearrange some configuration settings in module.config.php to get more settings out of the global configuration namespace.

David has posted a plan on the mailing list for integrating his new search system into VuFind.

3. Linked Data

Demian has read the BIBFRAME document as mentioned on the previous call. It is too soon to say what actions will be necessary in response to this.

4. Other Topics?

Al has been working on extending the AlphaBrowse code to support consortia and to store additional data (i.e. title w/ call number, etc.). He will work with Mark and Demian to get this into the official AlphaBrowse plugin.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 10am Eastern Standard Time (15:00 GMT).

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