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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: October 29, 2013

Attending: Filipe Bento, Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, Jan Frederick Maas, Benjamin Mosior, Luke O'Sullivan, Sean Purcell, Ben Wiens


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-412, VUFIND-413, VUFIND-509, VUFIND-711, VUFIND-731 - Several new features (automatic XML fixing, redirect support, harvesting of multiple sets, –from/–until parameters, basic authentication) have been added to the OAI-PMH harvester.
  • VUFIND-657 - Luke has posted updated call number normalization code here.
  • VUFIND-743 - A new tag management patch from Luke has been posted here; please test and comment.
  • VUFIND-908 - This Horizon driver fix has been committed.
  • VUFIND-915 - Case-insensitive Booleans can now be configured more flexibly (to make only certain operators case-insensitive – e.g. AND/OR but not NOT).
  • VUFIND-916 - This fixes a bug in the retrieveBatch search service method.
  • VUFIND-919 - This ticket proposes a more generic mechanism for configuring range facets.
  • VUFIND-920 - This ticket fixes a bug that caused advanced searches to fail to provide spelling suggestions.
  • VUFIND-921 - This resolved ticket makes the Pazpar2 backend more compliant with the proper protocol.
  • VUFIND-922 - This resolved ticket makes display of range filters more human-readable and language-non-specific.
  • VUFIND-923 - This resolved ticket links thumbnail graphics to book previews when possible.
  • VUFIND-924 - This ticket proposes use of the Command Pattern to implement non-standard search actions in a standardized way that enabled event hooks.
  • Additionally, several Bootstrap-theme-related tickets have been resolved.

Pull Requests

  • #36 - Advanced facets have been merged.
  • #41 - These Aleph improvements have been merged.
  • #44 - This RDFa improvement (along with the previous RDFa PR) has been merged.
  • #46 - This PR makes the VuFind module test suite more generic, so local tests can be run without having to modify core code.
  • #47 - This merged PR makes VuFind's Apache configuration compatible with newer versions of Apache (that change permission configuration syntax) without breaking backward compatibility.
  • #48 - This ticket adds support for Less CSS compilation in the Bootstrap theme.

2. Development Planning

Bootstrap Theme

We have continued making minor improvements to the main bootstrap theme, plus we have pushed out a “bootprint” theme that adds Blueprint-inspired styling. Chris has also opened a PR to use Less for CSS generation; we should discuss this in more detail.

Popular idea: include compiled CSS, but recommend putting write permission on target folder so customized Less files can be properly recompiled.


An edismax branch has been established in GitHub (see this pull request); however, we need to decide how to proceed due to a Solr issue that causes edismax to handle NOT and - queries poorly.

Conservative approach: off by default, when on, detects NOT, terms starting with - and fails over to old Lucene logic.


The VuDL front end code has been committed to master and the back end is now available in GitHub. No documentation yet for the new version – talk to Demian if you need help.

Solr Cache Settings

Eoghan pointed out that some of our cache settings seem excessively high. At least one Solr expert agrees. Should we change them? If so, how do we determine better values?

Performance Testing

Benjamin suggested setting up a shared document for devising test plans/documentation.

Step 1: Outline scenarios

Tod Olson could not make the call but emailed some suggestions; they will be incorporated into the testing scenario document.

Demian suggested setting a timeline so that there is a fixed planning period and then actual testing begins.

Benjamin & Ben are willing to take the lead on this effort.

Benjamin will start up a collaborative document and send an email to the vufind-tech list with more details about scenario collection, testing start dates, etc.

2.2 Release Target?

Are we getting ready to schedule a 2.2 release soon? Worth thinking about – we'll discuss further on next call.

3. VuFind Summit 2013

The summit was a success – video can be viewed on the VuFind Summit 2013 page.

4. Other Topics?

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 10am Eastern Standard Time (15:00 GMT).

IMPORTANT: Note the change from EDT to EST!

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