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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: April 15, 2014

Attending: Chris, Ben, Tod, Filipe


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-135 / VUFIND-687 / VUFIND-688 / VUFIND-689 - Social features (tags/favorites/comments) can now be toggled on or off via configuration files.
  • VUFIND-272 - Users can now change their passwords when the Database auth method is in use; infrastructure exists to support this for other methods as well (if appropriate).
  • VUFIND-296 - Users can now reset forgotten passwords when the Database auth method is in use; infrastructure exists to support this for other methods as well (if appropriate).
  • VUFIND-919 - More flexible ranged facets are now available.
  • VUFIND-960 - It is now possible to create an account within a lightbox in the Bootstrap theme.
  • VUFIND-967 - Bootstrap theme tablet support has been finalized.
  • VUFIND-970 - This is a support request that is most likely a configuration problem; Demian will close as soon as he resolves it with the user.
  • VUFIND-971 - This ticket proposes a new Horizon ILS driver that is entirely API-based (rather than using direct database access).
  • VUFIND-972 - This ticket proposes a change to the signature of getHolding in the ILS driver interface. See also PR #129.
  • VUFIND-973 - This ticket requests more configuration options for combined view. Demian has implemented them.
  • VUFIND-974 - This ticket was opened for discussion of the (relatively) new "non-sorting characters" feature of MARC21.
  • VUFIND-975 - This ticket proposes an improvement to the new LibGuides backend; Demian plans to implement it upon returning.

Pull Requests

  • #123 - Password recovery functionality by Chris has been merged in. We tested heavily for security, but please do hammer away.
  • #125 - Expanded holds functionality (mentioned last call) has now been merged.
  • #126 - The long-ignored thumbnail field in the Solr schema is now used thanks to this PR.
  • #127 - This PR (still work in progress) contains some proposed changes to date handling to accommodate RDA changes.
  • #128 - This merged PR fixes minor Bootstrap theme issues.
  • #130 - This merged PR resolves some login workflow problems.
  • #131 - This merged PR improves sorting of holdings groups in the Voyager drivers.
  • #132 - This merged PR fixes a bug in the deduplication listener.

Additional Developments

Thanks to the help of Chelsea Lobdell from Tri-Colleges, VuFind now has Primo Central and LibGuides search backends.

2. Development Planning

Performance Testing

They ran tests with the default 1024 solr options Got a high hit ratio of .98 This will probably be the recommended setting He ran a test with their larger index and (what sounded like) a 512 solr cache He wants to do another week or two of testing and wants us to test on the Villanova index. If we get a hit ratio in the .8-.9 range, they'll be very happy.

Call Number Normalization

No news,

3. Marketing

Ben has run a survey for a tagline (with the winner “Search. Discover. Share.”) and has made further refinements to his new logo, which has been pushed to Git master. We should now discuss whether/how to adjust the vufind.org website to match.

4. Other Topics?

People seem pleased with a logo, Chris will have a VuFind.org design for the next call.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (14:00 GMT).

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