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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: May 13, 2014

Attending: Filipe Bento, Chris Hallberg, Anna Headley, Demian Katz, Benjamin Mosior, Tod Olson, Luke O'Sullivan, Sean Purcell, Ben Wiens


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-681 - Luke has contributed a recommendation module to suggest random records (including flexible search backend changes to support it).
  • VUFIND-980 - This ticket addresses a cosmetic issue in Bootstrap (fix pushed to master).
  • VUFIND-981 - RefWorks export now includes DOI when available.
  • VUFIND-982 - This ticket addresses a problem with login followup behavior in Shibboleth; a solution is currently in progress.

Pull Requests

  • #144 - In progress: jQuery upgrades.
  • #145 - Merged: puts SMS carriers in alphabetical order
  • #146 - Merged: adjustments to Solr cache settings.
  • #147 - In progress: new ILS driver feature – selective disabling of cancel hold checkboxes.
  • #148 - Merged: Voyager ILS driver bug fix.
  • #149 - Merged: Progress on VUFIND-982.
  • #150 - For discussion: should we delete all video clip display code now that Syndetics has stopped offering the service and no other providers are supported? Group decision: delete, and retrieve from version control if needed in the future.
  • #151 - Merged: Keyboard shortcuts for lightbox in Bootstrap theme.
  • #152 - In progress: further keyboard lightbox adjustments.

2. Development Planning

Performance Testing

Master has been updated with new default cache settings based on our tests. These settings have been in use at Villanova for a couple of weeks now, and Solr appears much more stable than before.

At this point, cache settings are finalized. We may want to investigate some other issues in the future, but we can take a break for now (KLN's available time for further testing is limited right now).

Potential future areas of investigation are listed in a Google doc.

Action item (Demian): update wiki page to reflect current state of settings.

There was some discussion about MySQL tuning (due to Luke having a potential MySQL-related outage). Anna suggested a tool called mysqltuner. This may be an area worthy of future investigation.

Call Number Normalization

Luke has reviewed his old call number normalization jar and discovered that it throws a null pointer exception with the latest version of Solr; it will have to be reworked if we need to use it (and the fact that Solr's API keeps changing and breaking custom modules is an argument against trying to maintain custom components if avoidable).

Tod's refactoring might help make Luke's code easier to maintain.

Tod has been busy with OLE but hopes to get back to this after July. Next step: post comments to solrmarc-tech (Tod will do this when he has time to participate in the conversation).

Release Date for 2.3

Demian suggested setting an August 11 release date for 2.3. No objections.

3. Marketing

Chris has updated his mockup and will share with the list for more feedback before updating the actual site. Goal: finish redesign in time for 2.3 release in August.

Suggestion: GitHub RSS feed integrated into website (in addition to Sourceforge news feed).

4. Other Topics?

Luke suggested that we should start adding more features to VuFind that benefit users who are using the software as a repository – “Top 10 items,” “Author of the week,” “New item spinner,” etc. He will open some tickets with ideas.

Luke is also experimenting with orcid integration.

Some work in progress at Cronfa and iFind Discover.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (14:00 GMT).

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