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 ====== VuFind Developers Call Minutes: March 29, 2016 ====== ====== VuFind Developers Call Minutes: March 29, 2016 ======
-Attending: Demian Katz, Chris Hallberg +Attending: Chris Delis, Matthias Edel, Leila Gonzales, Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, Claas Kazzer, Ere Maijala, Jay Roos
 ===== Agenda ===== ===== Agenda =====
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 === Javascript Reorganization === === Javascript Reorganization ===
 +Lightbox documentation is being written. Still open to feature suggestions, since we're adding grunt support.
 +There was talk of a more centralized initialization system for Javascript, centered around the new VuFind JS module. The potential issue is that we don't load all of the Javascript all of the time (cart, record view, vudl). It may be possible to use [[http://requirejs.org/|require.js]] or custom hooks to initialize things together.
 === API === === API ===
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 === Improved Geographic Features === === Improved Geographic Features ===
-Leila has sent Demian the custom code demonstrated last week; he will review soon.+Leila has sent Demian the custom code demonstrated last week; he will review soon. Much excitement was expressed; the code has been shared with Ere so that he can compare it to geographic customizations in the National Library of Finland instance.
 ==== 4. Other Topics? ==== ==== 4. Other Topics? ====
 +News was light due to travel and a Villanova scheduled break. Ere has officially launched!
 ===== Next Call ===== ===== Next Call =====
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