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 ====== VuFind Developers Call Minutes: February 14, 2017 ====== ====== VuFind Developers Call Minutes: February 14, 2017 ======
-Attending: Demian Katz, Claas Kazzer, Jochen Lienhard, Benjamin Mosior, Brad Patton+Attending: Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, Claas Kazzer, Jochen Lienhard, Benjamin Mosior, Brad Patton
 ===== Agenda ===== ===== Agenda =====
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 === VuFind on Heroku === === VuFind on Heroku ===
 +Ben's experience at Keystone Library Network inspired the idea of using Heroku to run VuFind with less infrastructure support. Some significant challenges -- like record loading -- but if we can solve these, we potentially make the application accessible to a wider group of people. Goal: one-click instance spin-up (which is what Heroku allows) would make "try before you commit" much easier.
 +Ben spun up a proof-of-concept instance at [[https://vufind-example.herokuapp.com/|https://vufind-example.herokuapp.com/]]. Not everything works yet, but it's a good start.
 +Pull request [[https://github.com/vufind-org/vufind/pull/913|#913]] suggests some very basic changes to make VuFind more Heroku-friendly and provide a baseline for working on new functionality.
 +Suggestion: reach out to Code4lib mailing list to find potential users.
 +Things to do: start composing composer.lock in master.
 +Goal: add support for Heroku without negatively impacting non-Heroku users.
 +Discussion: need for Heroku-specific Apache configuration to meet specific Heroku needs. Can we auto-generate this or do we need to commit two different templates to Git?
 === Image Metadata API Revisited === === Image Metadata API Revisited ===
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 === Other Front End Updates === === Other Front End Updates ===
 +No major news.
 == New Theme? == == New Theme? ==
 +Chris is still doing research; feel free to send suggestions his way.
 === VuFind 3.1.3 Release Date? === === VuFind 3.1.3 Release Date? ===
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 ==== 5. Other Topics? ==== ==== 5. Other Topics? ====
 +Chris will soon be opening a CodeSniffer PR to address the alignment option issue we discussed last time.
 ===== Next Call ===== ===== Next Call =====
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