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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: October 23, 2018

Attending: Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, Claas Kazzer, Ere Maijala, Mohan Pradhan


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-1305 - This is a feature request for more verbose bulk emails (i.e. title/author list instead of simply a link to many IDs).
  • VUFIND-1306 - This reports an EDS facet list display bug that was fixed in release 5.0.1.
  • VUFIND-1307 - This reports a MyResearch bulk action bug that was fixed in release 5.0.1.
  • VUFIND-1308 - This ticket requests support in adding a new language to VuFind.

Pull Requests

  • #1233 - merged - Use JSHint instead of JSLint in continuous integration.
  • #1234 - merged - VoyagerRestful ILS driver bug fix.
  • #1235 - merged - New unit tests contributed by a Villanova grad student.
  • #1236 - merged - Aleph ILS driver bug fixes.
  • #1237 - in progress - OAI-PMH server improvements (efficiency/extensibility/standards compliance).
  • #1238 - merged - DSpace DIM metadata import example configuration.
  • #1239 - in progress - Improvements to the import-marc-auth scripts.
  • #1240 - merged - MultiBackend ILS driver bug fix.
  • #1241 - in progress - New export format to use VuFind API output with OAI-PMH server.
  • #1242 - merged - KohaILSDI ILS driver bug fix.
  • #1243 - in progress - Switch to using HTTP-only cookies in most situations.
  • #1244 - in progress - Style improvements to top facets.
  • #1245 - in progress - New feature: configurable forms (extending the Feedback module).
  • #1246 - in progress - SideFacetsDeferred, an AJAX-loaded alternative to the current SideFacets display.
  • #1247 - in progress - New code generator for creating plug-ins.
  • #1248 - merged - Bug fixes to issues detected by LGTM.
  • #1249 - merged - Spelling corrections to comments.
  • #1250 - merged - Increase size/consistency of password storage columns in database.
  • #1251 - in progress - Adjustments to the display of user fees/fines.
  • #1252 - merged - Style cleanup (fixed an unwanted PHP close tag not detected by php-cs-fixer).

Release 5.0.1

This was released in advance of the Summit so that all bug fixes to date could be available; the SolrMarc upgrade is still pending and will have to be addressed in release 5.1.

2. Development Planning

ILS Support Updates

Chris has continued work on the FOLIO pull request, with hold support currently in progress.

Browse Handler Optimizations

No news.

3. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

Mohan Pradhan proposed a feature where users could register searches with VuFind and receive notification of new results relevant to those searches. Demian will write up a JIRA ticket with some ideas about managing such a mechanism. (See VUFIND-1309, which will be discussed further on the next call).

4. LiveDVD Demo

Mohan Pradhan assembles a Live DVD release designed to help users get a variety of library systems (including VuFind) up and running easily. He asked whether it would be possible to create infrastructure to support instances of this LiveDVD for “on demand” use. Demian does not currently have the server infrastructure to support this, but it may be possible in future, especially if we eventually have different resources through an organizational home.

5. Institutional Home

No news, though conversations are ongoing.

6. VuFind Summit 2018: Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Demian and Chris are still catching up following the Summit, but links to slides can be found on the Summit wiki page and video will be posted there as soon as it is available. As time permits, Chris and Demian will begin updating the GitHub project board to reflect roadmapping outcomes (and to fuel future dev call discussion).

There was some discussion about the reduced amount of direct feedback during the last Summit; Ere pointed out that the fact that we are receiving pull requests from many new contributors suggests that people are engaging in other ways, so the lack of feedback at the Summit should not be considered a major cause for concern – it seems that most are satisfied. Recent discussion in the German community about the future approach to VuFind themes was also mentioned – there is need to build consensus and develop strategy there, but that is a longer-term project; polling might be a useful tool for collecting data on needs and preferences.

7. Other Topics?

None beyond the above.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 9am Eastern Standard Time (14:00 GMT).

:!: Please note the change from Daylight to Standard time and adjust your calendars accordingly!

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