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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: February 26, 2019

Attending: Matthias Edel, Leila Gonzales, Demian Katz, Claas Kazzer, Ere Maijala


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-889 - Some code has been shared to support use of CSL (Citation Style Language) in VuFind; Demian adapted this into PR #1324.
  • VUFIND-1302 - Demian finished eliminating static factories in master, so this ticket has been resolved.
  • VUFIND-1321 - This ticket reports an edge case that breaks Solr query parsing; a pull request will be forthcoming.
  • VUFIND-1322, VUFIND-1324 - These tickets propose integrating Unpaywall into the DOI linking interface (the second has been closed as a duplicate).
  • VUFIND-1323 - This ticket is a reminder to remove items deprecated in VuFind 6.0 when 7.0 is implemented.
  • VUFIND-1325 - This ticket is for tracking compatibility problems caused by the new MySQL 8 release.
  • VUFIND-1326 - This tracks a problem with the auto-generated SCSS code; it is addressed by PR #1316.

Pull Requests

  • #1308 - merged - Bug fix to asset pipeline.
  • #1309 - merged - Make Piwik cookies configurable (allow disabling).
  • #1310 - merged - OAI-PMH server fix to avoid out-of-memory error when many deleted records exist.
  • #1311 - merged - Add radio button support to custom feedback forms.
  • #1312 - merged - Support HTML in custom feedback form help text.
  • #1313 - merged - Automatically turn URLs into HTML links in ILS holdings notes.
  • #1314 - merged - Remove old deprecated code.
  • #1315 - merged - Improve PHP 7.3 compatibility.
  • #1316 - in progress - Work in progress on resolving SCSS problems as described in VUFIND-1326.
  • #1317 - merged - Adjustments to Mink tests.
  • #1318 - in progress - Replace POST forms with GET forms in the header.
  • #1319 - merged - Improvements to PAIA ILS driver.
  • #1320 - closed - Work in progress on munging Dismax queries; will be reopened later.
  • #1321 - in progress - Enrich PAIA ILS driver user profile data.
  • #1322 - merged - Allow an optional ParamBag to be passed into the record loader.
  • #1323 - in progress - Proposed enhancements to the SierraRest driver to support an alternate ID format in the Solr index.
  • #1324 - in progress - Work in progress on VUFIND-889 (CSL support).
  • #1325 - merged - Corrections to doc comments (add missing backslashes).
  • #1326 - in progress - Work to ensure that default checkbox facet settings in code match defaults in .ini files.

5.1 Release

The 5.1 release went out on time and there have been no major bug reports yet. A few late translations and minor fixes will probably justify a 5.1.1 release sometime between now and 6.0.

2. Development Planning

ILS Support Updates

The FOLIO driver was incorporated into the VuFind 5.1 release. While there are still some ongoing Alma and FOLIO issues being worked on, we probably can remove this subject from future dev. call agendas.

There has also been a lot of recent discussion and work on the PAIA driver; hopefully release 6.0 will unify a lot of customizations from different libraries using the system.

Browse Handler Optimizations

No news.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

Recent discussion on the mailing list reveals that at least two other VuFind libraries are already doing this in some form or are working on support. We should discuss whether we can build common tools to reduce duplicated effort.

6.0 Roadmapping

The project board is a lot cleaner now that 5.1 has been wrapped up. Demian is still working on wrapping up a few pull requests and plans to do some work on controller cleanup/refactoring if no more urgent requests are made. Input/suggestions are always welcomed.

3. Other Topics?

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at 9am Eastern Daylight Time (13:00 GMT).

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