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-====== ​Zend Framework Documentation ​======+====== ​Laminas ​======
-Here are some helpful resources related to Zend Frameworkthe framework used in VuFind ​since release 2.0.+Starting with release 2.0, VuFind was built on Zend Framework. During ​the development of VuFind ​7.0, Zend Framework rebranded as [[https://​getlaminas.org/​|Laminas]],​ changing many class and package names but maintaining the same functionality.
-  ​* [[https://framework.zend.com/learn|Zend Framework ​Documentation]] - The official framework documentation. +Here are some helpful resources related to Laminas: 
-  * [[http://​www.zend.com/​en/​resources/​webinars/​framework|Zend ​Framework ​Webinars]] - Many of these online videos deal with Zend Framework issues.+ 
 +  ​* [[https://docs.laminas.dev/|Laminas ​Documentation]] - The official framework documentation. 
 +  * [[http://​www.zend.com/​en/​resources/​webinars/​framework|Zend Webinars]] - Many of these online videos deal with Laminas or Zend Framework issues.
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