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This page provides information on VuFind's overall design, including big-picture design discussions as well as explanations of nitty-gritty details.


General Interest

These specifications should be useful to most VuFind developers and will help with an understanding of the overall system:

See also the plugins page for details on how to extend various aspects of VuFind's functionality.


These notes are of less general interest but will be useful when the referenced subsystems are being worked upon:

  • Advanced Search Templates - Notes on how the advanced search UI operates in VuFind 2.4.1 and newer.
  • LESS - Notes on how the bootstrap3 / bootprint3 themes use LESS to generate CSS

Background Information and Commentary

  • Why VuFind 2.0? - Some of the reasons we moved away from the VuFind 1.x design.
  • Zend Framework - Information about the framework used in VuFind 2.x and later.
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