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 +====== AJAX Handler Plugins ======
 +Starting with VuFind 5.0, the AjaxController was refactored so that it calls plugins for handling AJAX requests. If you need to expose data to an AJAX call, you can simply build a new plugin and add it to the appropriate plugin manager.
 +===== Key Plugin Details =====
 +**Default Namespace:​** \VuFind\AjaxHandler
 +**Base Class:** [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​blob/​master/​module/​VuFind/​src/​VuFind/​AjaxHandler/​AbstractBase.php|\VuFind\AjaxHandler\AbstractBase]]
 +**Service Locator Configuration Section in module.config.php:​** ['​vufind'​]['​plugin_managers'​]['​ajaxhandler'​]
 +**Service Manager Name for Service Locator:** VuFind\AjaxHandler\PluginManager
 +See the [[development:​plugins:​general_information|General Plugin Information]] page for more details on VuFind plugins.
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