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 +====== CAPTCHA Handler Plugins ======
 +Beginning with VuFind 7.0, different CAPTCHA methods can be configured to prevent automated agents from accessing protected features of VuFind.
 +===== Key Plugin Details =====
 +**Default Namespace:​** \VuFind\Captcha
 +**Required Base Class:** [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​blob/​master/​module/​VuFind/​src/​VuFind/​Captcha/​AbstractBase.php|\VuFind\Captcha\AbstractBase]]
 +**Service Locator Configuration Section in module.config.php:​** ['​vufind'​]['​plugin_managers'​]['​captcha'​]
 +**Service Manager Name for Service Locator:** VuFind\Captcha\PluginManager
 +**Template Name:** To display the CAPTCHA control, VuFind will attempt to load a template from the Captcha folder of the current theme whose name corresponds with the class of the plugin (ignoring the namespace). ​ The template will have access to the plugin object as $this->​captcha.
 +See the [[development:​plugins:​general_information|General Plugin Information]] page for more details on VuFind plugins.
 +===== Configuring CAPTCHA =====
 +See the comments in the [Captcha] section of [[configuration:​files:​config.ini]] for details on how to activate CAPTCHA.
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