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 ===== Notes ===== ===== Notes =====
-  * Record ​tabs are loaded based on a mapping found in the ['​vufind'​]['​recorddriver_tabs'​] section of module.config.php.  ​Each sub-array is a map from a tab name (as used in a record URL) to a tab service (found in recordtab_plugin_manager). ​ If a particular record driver is not defined in recorddriver_tabs,​ it will inherit configuration from a configured parent class (if applicable).+  * Since VuFind 6.0, record ​tabs are loaded based on configurations found in the RecordTabs.ini configuration file. In prior releases, record tabs were loaded based on a mapping found in the ['​vufind'​]['​recorddriver_tabs'​] section of module.config.php.  ​See the comments ​in the appropriate file for more details.
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