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As VuFind develops, from time to time or between releases you may be expected to re-index your records. If your data changes frequently, you may also find it worthwhile to do occasional refreshes to ensure that your index is accurate. Whenever you need to rebuild your index, simply follow these steps:

1. Stop Solr from running.

See the Starting and Stopping page for details.

2. Delete your index on the server.

VuFind's main index is found in the solr/biblio/index directory (as well as any spellcheck-related directories) under your installation. In Linux, you can issue this command:

rm -rf $VUFIND_HOME/solr/vufind/biblio/index $VUFIND_HOME/solr/vufind/biblio/spell*

:!: Prior to VuFind 3.0, the paths were $VUFIND_HOME/solr/biblio/index and $VUFIND_HOME/solr/biblio/spell* (we later added a “/vufind/” directory inside the solr path to differentiate between VuFind-specific data and the vendor-supplied Solr distribution).

In Windows, you can easily delete the folders through Windows Explorer.

If you want to delete one of VuFind's secondary indexes (authority records, course reserves, etc.), the process is the same, but you just need to replace “biblio” with the name of the appropriate Solr core. Additionally, some cores will only have an “index” folder – the spell* folders are not always present.

3. Start the VuFind server back up.

See the Starting and Stopping page for details.

4. Import all of your records again.

See the instructions on the indexing page for details.

5. [ Optional: re-index spellcheck. ]

If spellcheck indexes are not populated during import or running optimization.

php $VUFIND_HOME/public/index.php util/optimize

You can re-index both manualy. The default “spellShingle” index

curl http://localhost:8983/solr/biblio/select?q=*:*&spellcheck=true&spellcheck.build=true

and basicSpell “spellcheck” index.

curl http://localhost:8983/solr/biblio/select?q=*:*&spellcheck.dictionary=basicSpell&spellcheck=true&spellcheck.build=true
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