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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Stop Words and Synonyms

VuFind's Solr index allows the library to configure their own custom stop words list as well as a list of synonyms used in searching. There is a default stop words list as well as a few basic synonyms that come prepackaged with VuFind - however it is very easy to change these to customize for your library's needs.

Stop Words

Edit the file: stopwords.txt and simply remove or add new words to the list.


Edit the file: synonyms.txt and simply follow the examples provided to create new synonyms. VuFind's default synonyms are for the numbers 1 - 5. It lists synonyms for the following:

  • 1,i,I,one,One
  • 2,ii,II,two,Two
  • 3,iii,III,three,Three
  • 4,iv,IV,four,Four
  • 5,v,V,five,Five

This allows a user to search for “world war two” and find items with the term “world war ii”

Important Note

Remember to restart Solr after changing either of these files. When you change your stopword settings, it is also necessary to reindex all of your records.

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