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 ====== Docker ====== ====== Docker ======
-Best practices for VuFind and Docker ​still need to be finalized and documented, but there is some brainstorming and conversation ​currently available ​on [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​962|pull request #962]].+Community best practices for VuFind and Docker ​have not yet been finalized and documented, but some brainstorming and conversation ​took place on [[https://​github.com/​vufind-org/​vufind/​pull/​962|pull request #962]]. 
 +See also the how-to guide at [[https://​dev.to/​horaciodegiorgi/​vufind-up-and-running-in-docker-containers-3pi8]]
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