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This page refers to VuFind 2.x and later; for earlier versions, see the legacy installation documentation.

Getting Started

If you are new to VuFind, you should start by reading the Installation Notes to orient yourself. You may also want to review VuFind's hardware and software requirements, and the VuFind for Project Managers page.

Platform-Specific Documentation

VuFind is designed to be able to be installed on many different platforms. Choose from the following installation documents based on the platform of your choice:

:!: The instructions above assume you will be downloading a packaged VuFind release. If you prefer to install VuFind directly from a GitHub checkout, check the README for additional instructions.

Upgrading VuFind

Live DVD

Healthnet Nepal has pre-configured a live DVD with VuFind and some other complementary open source applications at their Sourceforge page. This may be a useful way to evaluate the software with minimal effort.

Advanced Topics

Documentation in Other Languages

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