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 ====== VuFind Directory Layout ====== ====== VuFind Directory Layout ======
-// This page refers to VuFind 1.x; for later versions, see [[development:architecture:directory_layout|VuFind 2.x Directory Layout]]. // +// This outdated page has been deleted to prevent confusion; for current documentation, see [[development:architecture:directory_layout|this page]]. To view old content for historical interest, see the “Old Revisions” list below. //
- +
-  * **import** \\ The import directory contains the import tool for importing records. +
-  * **solr** \\ The solr directory contains all Solr related items including Jetty and the data directories for the indexes. +
-  * **tests** \\ Contains the test suite (see [[legacy:vufind_1.x_developer_manual:unit_tests|Unit Tests]] for more details). +
-  * **util** \\ Contains PHP utility scripts designed to be run from the command line. +
-    * dedupe.php \\ Remove duplicate lines from a text file. +
-    * delete.php \\ Remove all of the records in a specified MARC file from the Solr index. +
-    * expire_searches.php \\ Remove unwanted saved searches from the database. +
-    * optimize.php \\ Optimize the Solr index. +
-    * sitemap.php \\ Generate a sitemap for use with search engines. +
-    * suppressed.php \\ Delete all currently suppressed catalog records from the Solr index. +
-    * util.inc.php \\ Set up the environment so that utilities can call standard VuFind support code. +
-  * **web** +
-    * **conf** \\ This directory contains VuFind's configuration files. +
-    * **Crypt** \\ This directory contains encryption-related support classes. +
-    * **Drivers** \\ This directory holds driver classes that allow VuFind to interface with a variety of third-party library systems.  See [[legacy:vufind_1.x_developer_manual:building_an_ils_driver|Building an ILS Driver]] for more details. +
-    * **File** \\ This directory contains utility classes for dealing with specific file formats (i.e. MARC). +
-    * **images** \\ Images used by VuFind (additional images may be found in the themes folders below). +
-    * **interface** +
-      * **plugins** \\ This directory holds custom Smarty plugins (see [[legacy:vufind_1.x_developer_manual:building_a_smarty_plugin|Building a Plugin]]). +
-      * **themes** \\ This directory holds a number of themes which are collections of template files in directories that are named for the service or "module" they display.  Each theme also contains a css directory.  Themes include: classic (the old look), default (a newer look based on classic), blueprint (a jQuery-based theme), mobile (an iWebKit-based mobile theme) and jquerymobile (a jQueryMobile-based mobile theme).  Depending on your VuFind version, some of these themes may not be available. +
-    * **js** \\ Javascript support code. +
-    * **lang** \\ This directory holds translation mappings for various languages. +
-    * **services** \\ This directory contains the modules of VuFind.  Each "module" is a directory containing a series of Classes.  Each class has its own PHP file of the same name.  The "action" classes get called by the index.php page in the web directory based on the URL.  The URL rewriting is processed by the mod_rewrite rules located in the .htaccess file in the web directory.  Classes process data and pass details into the Smarty templates in the interface directory for presentation (in early versions of VuFind, the templates were in the services directory).  See [[legacy:vufind_1.x_developer_manual:building_a_module|Building a Module]] for more details. +
-    * **sys** \\ This directory contains system-level support classes shared by various modules in the services directory.  See the [[legacy:vufind_1.x_developer_manual:system_classes|System Classes]] page for more details. +
-    * **xsl** \\ XSL support code. +
-    * .htaccess +
-    * Action.php \\ Base class used by the modules in the services directory. +
-    * bookcover.php \\ This module is used to output thumbnail images for book covers. +
-    * CatalogConnection.php \\ Interface class that wraps around the ILS drivers in the Drivers directory. +
-    * index.php \\ Top-level logic that every VuFind page runs through. +
-  * install \\ This is the initial install bash script that sets up the MySQL database as well as the PEAR and Smarty libraries. +
-  * mysql.sql \\ The MySQL create file  +
-  * vufind.sh \\ The bash script to start and stop Jetty+
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