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VuFind 7.0 Press Release


VuFind 7.0 Released

Villanova, Pennsylvania - July 20, 2020 - Version 7.0 of the VuFind Open Source discovery software has just been released. This major release brings some aspects of the code more up to date while also adding several new features and fixes.

Some key additions and changes:

- Improved security, including flexible Content Security Policy support, better cookie defaults, and more CAPTCHA options.

- Improved support for managing and embedding static informational content, including Markdown compatibility.

- Support for integration with several new systems, including ArchivesSpace, Koha's new RESTful API, and the ObalkyKnih cover service.

- Improved compatibility with EBSCO Discovery Service, FOLIO, and others.

- Upgrades to key components, including migration to Laminas (the successor to Zend Framework) and Symfony/Console (a more powerful framework for command-line tools).

- More powerful plugin generation tools, making it faster and easier to extend VuFind's code.

Additionally, several bug fixes, new configuration options, performance enhancements and minor improvements have been incorporated.

Questions about the new release or VuFind in general can be directed to Demian Katz, the lead developer of the project at Villanova University. The software and its documentation may be found at https://vufind.org.

Demian Katz
Villanova University
Falvey Memorial Library
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085


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