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Registered Service Providers

Registered Service Providers have a proven track record of active engagement with the VuFind® software and contribute an annual fee to support the project. You can learn more about this program (and submit an application for your own organization) at the Registered Service Provider Program page.

  • effective WEBWORK is a company based in Hamburg, Germany. It provides support for the implementation and customization of VuFind®, also including hosting and integration with other digital library services, as well as related consultancy work.
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  • Equinox Open Library Initiative is a trusted global service provider of open source library technologies. Equinox provides a full suite of open source services, including consulting, hosting, support, training, and development for Evergreen ILS, Koha ILS, VuFind®, Aspen Discovery, Fulfillment ILL, CORAL ERM, and SubjectsPlus.
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  • HealthNet Nepal is a non-profit organization. It offers web hosting, training and support services for VuFind® integrated with other open source software such as Koha, DSpace, SubjectsPlus, WordPress, and Drupal.
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  • Index Data provides support for VuFind®, FOLIO, and ReShare as part of its hosted services for libraries all over the world. Open Source software is at the core of Index Data services, and it provides consulting, custom development, and hosting to match the unique needs of each library.
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  • Marmot Library Network, Inc. is a non-profit consortium of academic, public, and school libraries, primarily serving the libraries of Colorado.
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  • Orex - offers hosted VuFind® service in Spain; customers in other countries should inquire about availability of services.
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Community Support

Free online VuFind® support is available through multiple channels:

  • VuFind® General - A mailing list for all general issues and support questions.
  • VuFind® Tech - A mailing list for all code related issues (patches, etc.).
  • VuFind® Admins - A mailing list for discussing management of the VuFind® project.
  • VuFind® on Slack - Email info@vufind.org for an invitation to the Slack if you cannot sign up directly.
  • GitHub Discussions - A web-based system where project discussions can take place.

Issue Tracking

JIRA Issue Tracker

You can search through the issue archive to see if the problem you may be experiencing has been fixed or not. You can also place bug reports and feature enhancement requests. Issue Tracker is managed with the Atlassian JIRA software.

Additional Service Providers

The list below includes additional known VuFind® service providers who have not yet joined the RSP program. Please note that this directory is provided for the convenience of the VuFind® community; no specific endorsement is implied.

  • allegronet.de - Offers web hosting for libraries that do not have the resources to do it themselves. The service has supported allegro-C for several years and now also offers VuFind® services as a "web 2.0" option.
  • Andornot Consulting - offers VuFind®, DB/TextWorks and other systems to libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions, primarily in North America.
  • DataScouting - a technology company that helps libraries, archives and museums manage their resources more effectively through ILS/digital repository implementation and VuFind® integration.
  • Index Data - Provides VuFind® hosting and customization, primarily in conjunction with the FOLIO LSP and ReShare resource sharing service. We can also assist with providing consortial VuFind® services based on harvesting and clustering holdings from member libraries.
  • iZi Software Solutions Sdn Bhd - provides VuFind® services in Malaysia / South East Asia.
  • KnowledgeWare Technologies - a reputed specialist offering 100% cloud-based, OSS Arabic/ English Integrated Library Systems, Digital Repositories, Library Guides, Discovery Portals, and information access solutions. Kware is expert in implementation, maintenance, localization, support, developments, deployment and data conversion. Kware is the agent voluntarily offering the Arabic translation for VuFind®. Located in Riyadh/ Saudi Arabia, Kware is active in the Arabian Gulf countries, Egypt, and North Africa.
  • MMK GmbH - offers VuFind® support, including hosting and customization for the private and public sector.
  • Open Geek Service - provides VuFind® services in Latin America.
  • outermedia - offers support for VuFind® customization (tracking, responsive UI) and provides solutions to connect VuFind® to multiple Solr instances with different schemas.
  • Scanbit - this Spanish company has years of experience in library automation, having developed the AMICUS international ILS. It has assisted several libraries with VuFind® implementation, support and integration with other library software.
  • Tamil - Tamil offers services to libraries in order to deploy Koha ILS, and VuFind® discovery tool: implementation, maintenance, support, specific developments, and deployment both on-site and on Tamil's private cloud.
  • Trimagic - seller of the Trimagic Discovery Server, a commercially supported VuFind® installation that can be hosted in the cloud or provided as a network appliance. The TDS may be used with or without Trimagic's other library software offerings.
  • Xercode - Spanish company specializing in innovative solutions and projects for library automation, offering a complete service implementation based on systems such as Koha ILS, Xebook and VuFind®.
If you offer VuFind® services and would like your company's name on this page, please let us know.
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