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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

Release Checklist

Follow these steps to make a new VuFind release. (This page is primarily for Demian's reference).

  • Make sure full test suite is passing in both MySQL and PostgreSQL configurations.
  • Make sure that Vagrant configuration still works.
  • Make sure packages/DEBIAN/control, packages/DEBIAN/changelog contain correct version numbers and dates for new release.
  • Make sure build.xml and package.json reflect correct version number. Remember that package.json version number must have three parts – e.g. 3.1.0, not 3.1.
  • Make sure config.ini generator setting reflects correct version number.
  • Tag a new release in Git.
  • Tag the corresponding browse handler version in GitHub.
  • Check out the tagged release.
  • Run “phing package” to build packages.
  • Update changelog.
  • Test/update migration notes.
  • Upload packages to Sourceforge; be sure to set new default download.
  • Upload binaries to the GitHub release and include link to changelog in description.
  • Test/update installation notes for all platforms.
  • Update Downloads page and the news footer in GitHub pages to point to new release.
  • Update release status in JIRA.
  • Close milestone on GitHub.
  • Post news article on Sourceforge feed.
  • Post announcements to mailing lists: vufind-general, vufind-tech, code4lib, web4lib
  • Send press release to Marshall Breeding and Rachel Fadlon.
  • Tweet release on @vufindorg.
  • Update the live demo to the new version.
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