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VuFind® Community Call Minutes: January 2, 2024

Attending: Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, Ricky Lee, Maccabee Levine, Ere Maijala, Peter Murray, Susan Turkel


1. Development Planning

Newsletter Highlights

The December, 2023 Newsletter was discussed.

Release 9.1.1

Discussion point: is it time to set a release date yet?

Pull Request Review (release 10.0)

The following pull requests are scheduled for inclusion in release 10:

Architectural Enhancements
  • #1680 - Display flash message on login
    • Status: Complex issue; may need to open one or more PRs in order to close this one.
  • #2233 / VUFIND-1480 - Convert from Laminas\Db to Doctrine
    • Status: Work in progress continues; still much to do.
  • #2612 / VUFIND-1588 - Add support for WorldCat Search v2 API
    • Status: Early work in progress; still needs somebody to take the lead on moving it forward.
  • #2624 / VUFIND-1514 - Replace grunt with NPM scripts
    • Status: Work in progress; has some conflicts and failed checks.
  • #2723 - Component: confirmation menu
    • Status: Much work still needed; some checks unsuccessful.
  • #2814 - Replace jumpMenu controls with menu-button components
    • Status: Needs to be revisited (and likely revised/replaced) after #2929 is completed, as this will fix accessibility problems with existing jumpMenu controls in a different way.
  • #2934 - Switch to Splide Carousel Library
    • Status: In review
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Chris should resolve conflicts and work on latest review comments.
      • :!: DISCUSSION POINT: Community should reach consensus on package.json strategy for Javascript “vendor” components.
  • #3039 - Accessibility: Moravian Library Report
    • Status: Work in progress; some checks were unsuccessful. This PR is an umbrella covering a number of topics, some of which have been split out as separate PRs.
  • #3064 - Autocomplete: reorganize modules and update to v2.1.8
    • Status: In review.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Chris should work on latest review comments.
  • #3200 - Add ISO 639-3 language code translations
    • Status: TODO list can be advanced now that #3249 (translation aliasing) is finished
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Demian should work on TODO list.
  • #3222 - Add bootstrap5 theme
    • Status: See theme discussion below.
New Features
  • #2929 - Add an option to update search results without loading the full page
    • Status: Currently being tested; a few TODOs still to be done.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Ere should work on conflict resolution and latest review comments.
  • #2991 - Add filtering capability to facet list pop-up
    • Status: Nearly done, but still needs some aesthetic fixes.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Mario should work on conflict resolution and latest review comments.
  • #3027 - Add support for persistent login
    • Status: Currently in review.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: @rajaro should work on latest review comments.
  • #3069 - Search Result Explanation Feature
    • Status: Currently in review.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Thomas should work on conflict resolution and latest review comments.
  • #3103 - Add Notifications CMS functionality
    • Status: Currently in review.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Johannes should work on conflict resolution and latest review comments.
  • #3142 - Multi page selection in favorite list
    • Status: Needs conflict resolution; currently on hold until completion of #3239.
  • #3226 - Adding the option to make html elements sticky
    • Status: Currently waiting on the completion of #3064 to incorporate autocomplete.js updates.
  • #3239 - Configurable bulk actions
    • Status: Progress can be made now that #3249 (translation aliasing) is finished
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Thomas should continue progress.
Smaller Features/Enhancements/Fixes
  • #2642 - Create view helper for translating EDS labels
    • Status: Early proof of concept; requires design discussion to move forward.
  • #3244 - Improve Overdrive Staff View
    • Status: Awaiting final review.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Brent should share concerns, if any; Demian will merge on 1/15 if no issues raised.
  • #3251 :!: NEW - Add translations for keyboard layouts
    • Status: Progress can be made now that #3249 (translation aliasing) is finished
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Demian should make more progress.
  • #3256 :!: NEW - JS: HTML escape update
    • Status: In review.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Chris should work on latest review comments.
  • #3269 :!: NEW - New items improvements
    • Status: In review.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Demian and Maccabee should work together to resolve open review.
  • #3276 :!: NEW - Handling bad MARC records
    • Status: In review.
      • :!: ACTION ITEM: Demian should mint a new release of the vufind-marc dependency so that this can move forward, now that vufind-marc#11 has been merged.
Specialized PRs Requiring Input from Creators

:!: ACTION ITEM: as the section heading indicates, all of the PRs listed below currently await review resolution or comment responses from the users who created them.

  • #2060 - makes the DAIA services which should be accepted configurable (etc.)
    • Status: In review/under discussion.
  • #2688 - Announce number of search results in title
    • Status: Under discussion.
  • #2763 - SetupThemeResources: Ensure 'Content-Type' is never escaped
    • Status: Discussion underway on GitHub; awaiting response from @mtrojan-ub.
  • #2850 - Change route type for Help/Home from Static to Segment
    • Status: Work in progress; all checks have passed. PR needs review by @mtrojan-ub.
  • #2999 - Get unique html element id from record view helper
    • Status: Only a bit more work is needed, now that PR 2982 has been merged. Ready for @elsenhans and @RLangeUni to revisit.
  • #3025 - Add new Overdrive features
    • Status: Work in progress; @bpalme is in the process of making updates.

Scheduled JIRA Tickets (release 10.0)

Architectural Enhancements

:!: DISCUSSION POINT: Which of these should be done in 10.0, and which should be deferred to 11.0?

  • VUFIND-1210 - Solr JSON Facet API
    • There is also a JSON request API; we should do all the JSON work at once. Solr documentation.
    • :!: ACTION ITEM: Demian will edit the JIRA ticket to broaden the scope of work.
  • VUFIND-1352 - New Progressive Theme
    • :!: ACTION ITEM: reschedule to 11.0; we'll focus on getting bootstrap5 theme into 10.0.
  • VUFIND-1396 - Investigate possibility to deprecate the Context view helper
    • :!: ACTION ITEM: reschedule to 11.0
  • VUFIND-1481 - Replace HTTP library
    • :!: ACTION ITEM: reschedule to 11.0
  • VUFIND-1510 - Consider deprecating CspNonce view helper in favor of Csp helper
    • Ere commented that CspNonce makes templates look cleaner, so may be worth keeping, but he wouldn't object to refactoring if that is deemed best.
  • VUFIND-1547 - Normalize search event namespace
  • VUFIND-1584 - Remove deprecations from 9.x.
  • VUFIND-1601 - Improve CSS configuration in themes
  • VUFIND-1614 - Modernize PubDateVisAjax recommendation module
  • VUFIND-1618 - Investigate the need for setlocale in Bootstrapper
  • VUFIND-1619 - Fix inconsistencies between LESS and SCSS style builds.
    • Work on the Bootstrap5 theme is leading to some progress on this, and finishing this will be a prerequisite for Bootstrap5. Some of this is tricky due to the need to have different orders of things for each language.
    • :!: ACTION ITEM: Demian will link this ticket to the open Bootstrap5 PR.
  • VUFIND-1628 - Clean up record collection factories
  • VUFIND-1633 - Replace email library
    • Ere and team might get to this, though it's not currently a top priority. There was some discussion about the implications of Laminas retirements; Demian and Ere noted that this is not cause for concern – it's healthy for Laminas to retire components that have better/more popular alternatives available.
  • VUFIND-1640 - Eliminate submit inputs named “submit”
  • VUFIND-1644 - Improve translation of plural forms
    • Maccabee and Peter may be willing to help with this.
  • VUFIND-1652 - Add database support for storing session-specific data
    • On Ere's wishlist, but can be postponed as needed.
  • VUFIND-1653 - schema.org markup causes trouble when there are no holdings or reviews
    • A global switch-off option would be a good idea at minimum.
  • VUFIND-1657 - Disabling cache fails with EDS backend
    • EDS may require cache for good reason – we should be careful about how we handle this.
New Features

:!: DISCUSSION POINT: Which of these should be done in 10.0, and which should be deferred to 10.1?

  • VUFIND-1582 - Add ChannelProvider for Solr-based new items
    • :!: ACTION ITEM: Defer to 10.1
  • VUFIND-1611 - Accessible local CAPTCHA option
    • :!: ACTION ITEM: Defer to 10.1
  • VUFIND-1643 - Configurable brute force password protection
    • :!: ACTION ITEM: Defer to 10.1
Smaller Fixes/Improvements
  • VUFIND-1521 - Add id validation to ILL requests and storage retrieval requests
  • VUFIND-1583 - Any action using ILS credentials fails to display the account menu if credentials missing
  • VUFIND-1592 - Clarify labeling of list menu
  • VUFIND-1594 - Provide a direct link to an ILS login form when using ChoiceAuth plus Shibboleth
  • VUFIND-1607 - Embedded records (in results list) have invalid aria and/or role attributes
  • VUFIND-1632 - Improve install.php existing file handling
  • VUFIND-1639 - Improve ILS error handling during installation process
  • VUFIND-1647 - FOLIO Driver: Add support for Refresh Token Rotation (RTR)
  • VUFIND-1651 - Address Java deprecation of finalize() method in UpdateDateTracker.java
Test Suite Improvements
  • VUFIND-1351 - Create Mink tests for email verification functionality
  • VUFIND-1560 - DeduplicationListener: Add tests and clean up
  • VUFIND-1596 - Prepare for PHPUnit 10
Documentation Tasks
  • VUFIND-1625 - Document access to advanced search capabilities through API
  • VUFIND-1629 - Investigate changes in OpenAPI 3.1; implement for API if appropriate.
Finishing Touches (Tasks for Near Release Time)
  • VUFIND-1612 - Double check for “PHP version 7” in file comments
  • VUFIND-1645 - Update dependencies for release 10.0
  • VUFIND-1649 - Update language translation files for release 10.0

2. Technical Discussion: Theme Development Next Steps / Collaboration

Ere is getting caught back up following the holiday break. Implementing the package.json changes discussed earlier would be a helpful step forward, and Ere has some small changes to Bootstrap3 he still plans to make as new PRs to simplify the remainder of the work.

No news yet on testing of the new theme outside of National Library of Finland, but Ere continues to work through testing the Finna theme and improving the translation/compatibility layer.

Question: how much longer do we want to continue supporting the bootprint3 theme? General consensus is that we should retire bootprint3 and make sandal the new default. :!: ACTION ITEM: Ere will open new PR to change default and make sure tests still pass.

3. Open Q&A / Other Topics?


Question: Any news on merging the VuFind® and OLF Slack instances?

Peter is currently focused on Confluence/JIRA migration, so Slack work is not happening right away. Peter will report back next month with any news.

Open question on Slack migration: what happens to message links when the Slack workspace gets renamed from FOLIO to OLF? Is a redirect possible from old name to new name?


Maccabee noticed several open projects to add VuFind® translators for Zotero and wondered if there was an opportunity to coordinate that work. No one on the call was directly involved in these, but Demian is open to supporting improvements if he can.

There was some discussion on the lack of updates to COinS (z39.88) in many years, and whether there are other better options for Zotero integration.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 9am Eastern Standard Time (14:00 GMT).

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