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Warning: This page has not been updated in over over a year and may be outdated or deprecated.

CSS Changelog

Version 4.0 (Summer 2017)


  • Columns are no longer hard-coded. They are either percent-width floats or flex columns.
  • MyResearch and sidebar menus no longer .list-groups
  • Records are now .media items.


  • All forms now have a unique class.
  • .form-horizontal classes have been largely removed.
  • Forms where labels are in a row with their inputs are not specified in CSS (bootprint/forms.less).
  • No more hard-coded columns.
  • Revamped style for a cleaner, more uniform look that is easier to style.

New classes

New Old Description
.facet-group and .myresearch-menu .list-group Sidebars
.facet .list-group-item Sidebar items
.active-filters .filters List for activated filters in search
.result-body and .result-links .middle and .right Result item sections
.comment-name and .comment-text - Contain the name and content of user comments
.record-nav - Record bulk toolbar
.collection-hierarchytree - RecordTab hierarchytrees
.page-prev and .page-next - Pagination buttons
.modal-loading - Lightbox loading spinner

In addition to the above changes, various column containers have been added with descriptive css classes.

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