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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: December 14, 2010

Attending: Franck Borel, Demian Katz, Daniel Lovins, Eric Lease Morgan, Tuan Nguyen, Luke O'Sullivan, Greg Pendlebury, Graham Seaman


1. Continuous Integration Update

Demian has continued cleaning up PEAR standards compliance (we're now under 2,000 problems!).

Demian and Preetha are making progress on integration testing with Selenium; hopefully we will have some simple tests running under Hudson by the next call.

Franck is making progress on LDAP/database unit tests using mock objects; he expects to have something to share by the next call.

No progress has been made by the developers of the Sonar/PHP plug-in, so we are still not using Sonar for very much. It looks like Phing/Hudson is the solution of choice for now, though we should still consider revisiting Maven when we are prepared to make more dramatic changes to the shape of the VuFind project.

2. JIRA Ticket Updates

VUFIND-353 (jQuery/XHTML theme – Tuan)

Tuan is building a new VuFind theme that uses jQuery and XHTML instead of YUI and quirks-mode HTML. He will share code shortly.

This new theme replaces the XML AJAX handlers with JSON versions, and it reorganizes them so they are less scattered. Once the theme is in the trunk, the existing YUI code can be revised to take advantage of the JSON handlers.

We may want to consider retiring one of the existing YUI-based themes once this is in place; we can discuss in more detail once the new theme is released.

VUFIND-280 (better Summon thumbnails)

Some icons have been added to the trunk to offer more varied display than just “no cover found” throughout the Summon module. Graham mentioned the idea of talking to the online community about building a standard, free set of icons for use in library applications (possibly useful beyond just VuFind). He will start a thread on the mailing lists to gather information on needs, and we will then take that information to graphic designer communities to see if anyone is interested in contributing. Greg mentioned the possibility of using some of the existing Linux icons (i.e. KDE/Gnome) as a baseline to build on – he will post links to some existing icons once the thread is started.

Graham contributed code that allows inline link resolver results in VuFind result lists using Javascript. Demian has already committed it to the trunk. He will try to find time to enable this feature in the trunk demo later in the week so that others can try it out.

VUFIND-357 (Remember sort option)

Demian put together a quick patch to remember the user's last sort option in the session. Greg pointed out that this breaks persistent URLs – a shared link may end up showing a different sort order than expected. We shouldn't commit the patch without addressing this issue – a note has been added to the ticket.

VUFIND-358 (Add support for 100q subfield)

Demian put together a patch to index the 100q subfield to allow searching of keywords in full author names (currently, VuFind only indexes the main form of the name, which is sometimes abbreviated). There was no objection to adding this to the trunk, so it will be committed later in the week. However, Greg pointed out that we may want to update the performance page to talk about turning off some of these edge index rules in situations where they are not needed, since that can improve performance.

3. Target release date for VuFind 1.1?

The current trunk is fairly stable and has many new features – we should plan on a VuFind 1.1 in late February or early March. This will be discussed in more detail on the vufind-tech list.

4. Open issues from past calls

Multi-line phpDoc comments

Demian discovered the answer to this question by accident – phpDoc supports wrapped comments… i.e.

 * @param int $var This is a very long
 * description of the variable.

Very simple!

5. Date of next call

We decided to skip the next call due to holiday breaks. We will resume with the next regularly scheduled call on January 11, 2011.

6. Other issues?

Greg offered an update on his current involvement with VuFind: he is working on integrating The Fascinator into discovery platforms – specifically VuFind. His work in the coming weeks will focus on VuFind's support for non-MARC data.

Luke is working on a patch to allow bulk operations in user lists (which will eventually be extended to cover standard search results as well). This should be committed to the trunk (in whole or in part) in the near future.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 10am Eastern Standard Time (GMT - 5:00).

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