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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: March 8, 2011

Attending: Lutz Biedinger, Demian Katz, Daniel Lovins, Tuan Nguyen, Eoghan Ó Carragáin, Preetha Rao


1. Continuous Integration Update

All high-priority style updates completed.

Because of problems with the PEAR Testing_Selenium library, we have refactored integration tests to use PHPUnit's own Selenium library. All record-related tests are being grouped into a single test class now. Preetha is currently working on testing lightbox functionality. The first set of newly-refactored tests should be committed to trunk by the end of this week.

2. jQuery/XHTML Theme

Lightbox functionality for bulk actions in the new theme is currently in testing and will be committed soon.

Improved lightbox email feedback is not done yet – Demian will work on it once Tuan commits the bulk functionality.

3. VuFind 1.1 Release

By the next call, VuFind 1.1 will be released. Work is nearly complete at this point, and testing of the current trunk code is strongly encouraged!

4. Icon Set for Library Software

No new developments – due to lack of time and contacts, Graham hasn't had any further luck rounding up interested parties. If anyone would like to take over the recruiting effort, Graham is interested in passing the baton.

5. New JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-385 - proof of concept Mendeley/Summon integration (limited functionality due to apparent bugs on the Mendeley side – Demian is working with their support team to resolve this).
  • VUFIND-386 - Aleph enhancements; Demian and Luke are currently working on similar functionality for Voyager and hope to reconcile the two patches eventually.
  • Several small bug fixes: VUFIND-384, VUFIND-387, VUFIND-388.

6. Plug-in Architecture

Zend Framework is looking extremely promising. With the right design, it appears to allow local overriding of all VuFind components without editing the core code (a major improvement for reconciling local enhancements with trunk changes), it has more modern libraries for many core VuFind features (i.e. HTTP calls, which currently use a deprecated PEAR library), it has sophisticated URL routing (better than writing complicated Apache mod_rewrite rules), and its model-view-controller architecture is a bit more robust than Smarty, not to mention being more firmly PHP-based. It also offers tools to support and encourage test-driven development.

Tuan mentioned Kohana (a PHP framework similar to Ruby on Rails) as another technology to add to the list for consideration.

For now, Demian is leaning toward Zend due to its broad support and apparent compatibility with our needs. However, other, lesser-known frameworks are not completely off the table – but it would be helpful if arguments in their favor could be framed relative to Zend. (i.e. we should identify flaws in Zend now in order to do cost-benefit analysis).

7. Other Topics?

Eoghan brought up the subject of coordinated development cycles, as discussed in the VuFind 2.0 roadmap. This hasn't been heavily discussed yet, but as we begin to move toward a VuFind 2.0 reimplementation, we should discuss how to achieve it. This should be added to the call agenda in the near future, since other big issues (continuous integration, VuFind 1.1 release) are wrapping up.

The current 2.0 development plan: Demian is continuing to read Zend-related books in order to brainstorm a general architecture for the next VuFind release. He will code a prototype once these ideas are more fully-formed, and then this can be presented to the group for discussion. Once a general model is agreed upon, we can split up the work necessary to reimplement VuFind within this model.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (GMT - 4:00).

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