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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: January 20, 2015

Attending: Filipe Bento, Chris Delis, Chris Hallberg, Anna Headley, Demian Katz, Jochen Lienhard, Chelsea Lobdell, Tod Olson


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-1049, VUFIND-1054, VUFIND-1056, VUFIND-1057, VUFIND-1058 - several WorldCatDiscovery-related tickets have been resolved.
  • VUFIND-1062 - this ticket has been resolved; spelling suggestions are now displayed via a recommendation module. Note that existing installations will need some reconfiguration to ensure that spelling suggestions continue to display. See the PR linked to the ticket for details.

Pull Requests

  • #274 - merged - minor style improvements to the “add to favorites” screen in the Bootstrap-based themes.
  • #275 - in progress - more robust phone number validation using a Google library (though surprisingly the library is hard-coded to English, so we're waiting on a merge until they add better i18n).
  • #276 - in progress - support for the new version of the ReCaptcha API (waiting on updated support in the Zend Framework libraries).
  • #277 - in progress - a bug fix to ajaxLoadTab in the Bootstrap themes.
  • #278, #282, #283 - merged - translation updates.
  • #279 - merged - fixes to BibTeX support.
  • #280 - merged - minor improvements to the Symphony ILS driver.
  • #281 - in progress - a new DAIA ILS driver.

2. Development Planning

Call Number Normalization

Tod and Anna have made progress on improving the call number processing logic in SolrMarc; a patch was recently shared on solrmarc-tech. This just adds library code; further work will be needed to incorporate this into the VuFindGeneric example. Next step: use this code in the VuFind Browse Handler to improve sorting, etc.

This new logic is more error-tolerant than the old CallNumUtils – it will try to generate sort keys for practically anything to ensure that “bad” values are not totally excluded from display/sorting. Tod suspects (but hasn't tested yet) that the LC parser may even be able to handle Dewey numbers cleanly.

Currently we're waiting for input from Bob Haschart before merging. In the meantime, Tod proposes beginning work in a branch of the browse handler with the new call number logic to help justify the future merge. Demian also suggested beginning work on refactoring the GenericVuFind example indexer code to use the new code.

Some discussion of the need to reindex everything after changing the SolrMarc code to reflect the new sort key format (needs a note in the changelog).

Some discussion of whether to refactor CallNumUtils to wrap around new code or keep it as a deprecated feature. There are some significant differences between new code and CallNumUtils (e.g. in handling of music call numbers, etc.) so this would not be a completely seamless transition. Tod believes most changes in new code would be viewed as improvements, but some changes are subject to opinion (e.g. strictness of need for periods in particular places, sensitivity to whitespace, etc.).

Tod will surveyed use of CallNumUtils within SolrMarc and it seems to be used only in examples, which should make transitioning cleaner.

AlphaBrowse Enhancements

Anna is currently working with Mark to implement new highlighting support. Getting close to resolution; at that point, Mark will submit a browse handler PR and Anna will update her VuFind side PR to match.

Tod is looking into sorting issues caued by MARC letter modifiers in transliterations (which are being treated as word separators and do not get composed like diacritics during Unicode normalization). Some possibilities: a hard-coded solution, or a configuration property.

3. Other Topics?

Tod mentioned the possibility of adding support for Javascript plug-ins in future versions of SolrMarc as an alternative to BeanShell. This might be a topic for discussion on solrmarc-tech in the future.

Demian reminded everyone that raising the PHP version requirement to 5.4 is coming fairly soon (probably 2-3 months, if not sooner).

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 10am Eastern Standard Time (15:00 GMT).

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