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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: April 10, 2018

Attending: Leila Gonzales, Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, Sebastian Kehr, Jochen Lienhard, Ere Maijala, Johannes Schultze, SUB Hamburg


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-1278 - This ticket offers some discussion about performing bulk actions on long favorites lists.
  • VUFIND-1279 - This ticket (now resolved in master) notes that there is a bug in 4.x and earlier that prevents exclusion of hierarchical facets from working correctly.

Pull Requests

  • #1140 - merged - Removal of the obsolete, unmaintained ClaviusSQL ILS driver
  • #1141 - in progress - Work on using standard Zend components for configuration management.
  • #1142, #1143 - merged - Accessibility improvements
  • #1144 - merged - Introduction of php-cs-fixer rule to enforce null coalescing
  • #1145 - merged - Disabling of expensive non-Javascript support by default
  • #1146 - merged - Hierarchical facet improvements (including fix for VUFIND-1279)
  • #1147 - merged - Improvements to the account profile page (including relocation of the “change password” control)
  • #1148, #1149 - merged - Minor improvements to exception handling
  • #1150, #1161 - merged - SierraRest ILS driver bug fixes
  • #1151 - merged - Improved Windows support in file logger
  • #1152 - merged - Adjustments to Solr installation through Phing (to ensure that a valid temporary directory is used)
  • #1153 - merged - Addition of optional feature to expose full HTTP request to autocomplete handlers when needed
  • #1154 - merged - Fix to phpcs exclude patterns so that Config classes are checked properly
  • #1155, #1156 - merged - Dependency upgrade for release-4.1 branch to improve PHP 7 compatibility
  • #1157 - merged - Fixed problems caused by interactions between MultiBackend ILS driver and Missing record driver.
  • #1158 - in progress - Proposed minor CSS enhancements to make tab styling more flexible
  • #1159 - merged - Added support for using namespaced Zend caches.
  • #1160 - in progress - Improve login performance by avoiding double-loading of content.
  • #1162 - in progress - EDS autocomplete functionality.

2. Development Planning

5.0 Roadmap Progress

Solr 7

This has been merged.


This has been merged.

Eliminating Unnecessary Non-Javascript Support

This has been merged. Let Demian know if there are any other improvements that could be made in this area.

New ILS-based Channel Providers

Demian is working on finishing these up. “New items” is already done and in master; “trending” and “recently returned” need some finishing touches. Demian also discovered a way to significantly improve channel performance (by pre-calculating record route details in the channel providers, rather than doing a more expensive lookup in the view template) and has made some related adjustments to the master code.

Next Steps

Priority suggestions from the roadmap are welcome. We may be approaching the limit of what we can accomplish if we want a 5.0 release in July; it may be time to freeze breaking changes soon.

Front End Updates

No major updates this time.

ILS Support Updates

Chris is making progress on the FOLIO driver. Work has also continued on Alma. Chris has been pulled away to other projects but should return to a focus on this over the next couple weeks.

Browse Handler Optimizations

No news.

Geographic Improvements

We're close to being finished with the PR to migrate all geographic functionality to Leaflet. Hopefully will be merged by the next call.

Modularization, Revisited

The elimination of the ClaviusSQL driver makes ILS driver maintenance that much easier.

The creation of a VuFindDate repository has not occurred yet, but Demian has added it as a possible item on the roadmap.

Piwik, the lightbox, and tabs/accordion functionality

When using tab/accordion functionality, Piwik does not log the action of opening a title. Jochen sent an email to the vufind-tech mailing list with more details.

Chris' suspicion is that when loading the content via AJAX, the HTML is being loaded but the Javascript is not being executed.

Ere worked on making AJAX record tab loads track correctly in Piwik by mapping tab clicks to the URLs that would be loaded without AJAX; something similar probably needs to be done for the embedded accordion/tab code.

Demian will reply to Jochen's email with some suggestions.

Configuration Loading Standardization/Improvements

Pull request #1141 was discussed in more detail. This uses standard Zend components in place of custom VuFind code for configuration management, offering the ability to read from more formats and locations while maintaining existing functionality. Demian needs to spend more time testing/studying this; Sebastian was having audio problems this call but will discuss this in more detail next time. The hope is that this can be further simplified by removing deprecated code as part of the release 5.0 breaking changes, and then merged before the release (assuming no major problems/concerns).

3. Institutional Home

No news.

4. Next call date

Demian may have jury duty on the next scheduled call date, so we are skipping it. The next call will be May 8.

5. Other Topics?

Ere suggested that moving the ILS drivers to a separate repo could be an opportunity to clean up the API. He will open a ticket to begin collecting API design flaws that we should address.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 9am Eastern Daylight Time (13:00 GMT).

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