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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: June 5, 2018

Attending: Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz, Claas Kazzer, Jochen Lienhard, Ere Maijala, SUB Hamburg Team


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-1286 - This reports PHP 7.2 / VuFind 4.1 incompatibilities under Fedora 28; this should be resolved by next week's 4.1.3 release.

Pull Requests

  • #1182 - merged - Improved handling of stand-alone slashes in queries.
  • #1183 - merged - Refactoring of QR code logic (to eliminate deprecated dependency).
  • #1184 - merged - Upgrade to Solr 7.3.1.
  • #1185 - merged - Bug fix to next/prev navigation.
  • #1186 - merged - Eliminate deprecated create_function call.
  • #1187 - in progress - Backend to add an external Solr instance (needs naming brainstorming)
  • #1188 - in progress - Overdrive API integration
  • #1189 - in progress - Proposed simplification of VuFind's AJAX routines
  • #1190 - in progress - Improvements to the channel interface
  • #1191 - in progress - Improvements to the Piwik integration
  • browse handler #27 - in progress - Bug fixes and code cleanup related to problems that have been noticed with recent Solr versions

Release 4.1.3

Demian plans to issue the next maintenance release on June 11, 2018. This will give us a more stable, PHP 7.2-compatible 4.1.x release prior to 5.0 coming out.

2. Development Planning

5.0 Roadmap Progress

Code freeze is scheduled for June 18, so there's still a little time for work over the next two weeks. Demian will try to clean up and merge some of the remaining open pull requests.

Demian also plans to spend a little more time on the bower-installer pull request prior to the 5.0 release if time permits.

Demian has also begun gathering translations for the new release.

Front End Updates

There is currently some minor work in progress to fix bugs related to right-to-left handling and facet exclusion controls.

Browser Support Policy?

Pull request #1177 uses a Javascript feature that is incompatible with IE8. This brings up the question of what platforms we are aiming to support. Do we still care about IE8? Either way, should we post a formal browser support statement somewhere to help answer these types of questions in future?

Agreed to drop IE8, keep “crude” IE9 support for now.

ILS Support Updates

Andrew Nagy will be stopping by shortly after this call to discuss FOLIO with the Villanova team.

Browse Handler Optimizations

No news (apart from bug fix pull request noted above).

Piwik, the lightbox, and tabs/accordion functionality

We'll discuss this further after Ere's latest Piwik enhancements are merged.

3. Institutional Home

No news.

4. VuFind Summit 2018

While there has not been a huge outpouring of interest in attending an in-person Summit, there seems to be enough local interest to justify opening registration again this year.

5. Other Topics?

Ere reported a complaint that music CDs are being classified incorrectly by looking at 007[13]; not sure if this is a Record Manager issue or related to something in VuFind core; further investigation is needed.

Demian has been thinking about sharing the Villanova format determination code as an alternate example in core VuFind. The code is not very pretty, but it has been used by several institutions and might be useful as a baseline for others.

Ere is thinking about an alternative to the format facet, since it is currently a mishmash of different things. This reminded Demian of work from a few years ago that was never finished. See VUFIND-464 for details.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, June 19, 2018 at 9am Eastern Daylight Time (13:00 GMT).

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