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VuFind Developers Call Minutes: May 7, 2019

Attending: Chris Hallberg, Demian Katz


1. Development Updates

JIRA Tickets

  • VUFIND-1331 - This ticket suggests using the WorldCat Recommender API to reintroduce some features lost by the retirement of OCLC's X-services.
  • VUFIND-1332 - This ticket reports a SolrMarc path problem; Demian is still trying to troubleshoot/reproduce the issue.
  • VUFIND-1333, VUFIND-1334 - These tickets track some needed improvements to account AJAX functionality beyond the fixes that went into release 5.1.1.

Pull Requests

  • #1365 - merged - Fix to mobile-sized behavior of account menu.
  • #1366 - merged - Fix to full text indexing with Tika in SolrMarc (resolving VUFIND-1330).
  • #1367 - in progress - Addition of database column tracking user's preferred language (prerequisite for SDI).

Release 5.1.1

This release went out on Monday, May 6.

2. Development Planning

Zend Framework / Laminas Transition

No major news yet – still waiting for the Laminas code to drop.

Format Determination

Demian wants to make the new format determination logic from #1209 the default behavior in VuFind 6.0. He suggested this on the mailing list and received no objections; Ere offered some feedback which was incorporated into the pull request.

Browse Handler Optimizations

No news.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

Ere shared some details of the National Library of Finland implementation on the VUFIND-1309 JIRA ticket. This introduces a couple of prerequisites to the actual notification functionality (tracking user language in the database, and allowing users to change email addresses). Demian has created a PR for language tracking (#1367) and will work on email changing soon (since this feature is also desirable in combination with email verification functionality in #1354). Once those prerequisites are in place, a full proof-of-concept SDI implementation can be built.

PHP Requirements

PHP 7.0 is now at end of life, and supporting it in VuFind is holding us back from taking advantage of some bug fixes in dependencies (for example: zend-code #158, which resolves some PHP warnings seen when running VuFind under PHP 7.3). Demian polled for objections to raising the minimum version requirement to PHP 7.1. Due to low attendance, he will take this issue to the mailing lists.

6.0 Roadmapping

In addition to format determination discussed above, Demian has been focusing on #1265, the pull request to move applied filters under the search box, and welcomes input on that. The other two features currently on the project board for 6.0 (Overdrive integration and improved language file merge order) are currently pending feedback from their contributors (and have been for some time). If anyone is particularly interested in seeing these in release 6.0, further input would be helpful.

6.0 Release Date

The last two major releases came out in July. If we want to aim for a similar date this year, July 15, 2019 would probably be the logical target. However, on that timeline (and given Ere's temporary unavailability), we are unlikely to make much further progress before freezing the code, making 6.0 a smaller release than past major releases (though not insignificant – there are still some worthwhile improvements). There was discussion about whether to aim for July or give ourselves more time by aiming for August or September instead. Given the major developments coming for 7.0 (Laminas and potentially a new theme), it was decided to go ahead with a July release of a relatively small-scale 6.0 so that work on 7.0 can begin sooner.

3. Developers Summit

Demian sent out an email on Monday polling for interest in a 2019 VuFind Summit. If an in-person event is held, the dates will be October 14-15, 2019. An online roadmapping and update session will be set up for October 14 regardless of whether other in-person activities take place.

4. Other Topics?

No news.

Next Call

The next call will be Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 9am Eastern Daylight Time (13:00 GMT).

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