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VuFind was developed with the following software packages in mind:

VuFind Version(s) Apache HTTP Server Version PHP Version MySQL Version Java JDK Version
VuFind 1.x 2.2.12+ 5.2.x 4.1+ 1.5+
VuFind 2.0-2.3.1 2.2.12+ 5.3.3+ 5.1.10+ 1.7+
VuFind 2.4-3.1.x 2.2.12+ 5.4+ 5.1.10+ 1.7+
VuFind 4.x 2.2.12+ 5.6+ 5.5+ 1.8+
VuFind 5.x 2.2.12+ 7.0.8+ 5.5+ 1.8+
VuFind 6.x 2.2.12+ 7.1+ 5.5+ 1.8+
VuFind 7.x 2.2.12+ 7.2+ 5.5+ 1.8+
VuFind 8.0+ 2.2.12+ 7.3+ 5.7.7+ (or MariaDB 10.2.2+) 1.8+

Note that while a MySQL version is recommended here, VuFind is also compatible with MariaDB and PostgreSQL.

The installation documentation will help guide you through the process of installing these prerequisites and setting up VuFind on various operating systems. Both Linux and Windows are fully supported.

Browser Support

VuFind is designed to be compatible with all modern browsers, and some care is taken to ensure backward compatibility with earlier versions when practical.

  • Starting with release 5.0, support for Internet Explorer versions prior to 9 was dropped. IE9 should be functional but some functionality may not always display optimally.
  • Starting with release 8.0, VuFind assumes that browsers support ES6. See Can I use... ES6 for compatibility notes.


VuFind's hardware requirements vary based on the size and amount of data you are indexing as well as the user load you expect. As a result, it is impossible to give absolute hardware requirements.

For a small index, very basic web server hardware will be sufficient. The bare minimum is probably around 2GB of RAM and a few GBs of disk storage.

For huge indexes, you will need more RAM and disk storage, and you may even want to spread the load across multiple servers.

The good news is that VuFind is extremely scalable. You can start small and grow the system as needed. See the Performance page for more details.

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